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TheGadgetBeasts mainly writes articles about different gadgets and gears.

We are a site that wants to give everyone a chance and the opportunity to find reviews in one place when it comes to mobile phones and other cool gadgets. This is to possibly help in the face of an investment in the purchase of telephones and other useful products.

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For everyone knows that there is a sheer jungle out on the web and in specialty shops selling everything between heaven and earth. This means that it can be difficult to find just the product that can be the ultimate solution.

Therefore, we want to make it easier for each purchase and offer our knowledge and experience with reviews on products that may be of interest. Of course, we try to be as neutral as possible when we assess the products we are reviewing in order to get a transparent and fair picture as possible.

We who work with writing reviews have several years of experience in the technology and mobile phone industry, which means that we have the knowledge needed to make the assessments that need to be made. Our knowledge has been gained by previously working with telephony, development of certain types of technology for audio and video, and more.

Therefore, we hope that those who choose to read our reviews will benefit from them and be helped. Of course, ultimately, it is the need, liking, and taste that determines which purchase is made in the end. But then we have in any case given the purchaser an opportunity to form their own view with the information and facts that we have shared with us.

What is Our motto

We are clear about our vision. We want to become one of the leading tech blogs in the USA and the UK. Don’t treat us about some crapy sites, please. We are a team of experts working behind the blog.

Awards and Certifications:

We have been awarded by some renowned authorities. We have been nominated by Vincenttechblog as “Tech & Gadget Blog Awards 2017”. We have been selected by the couponcode too in 2018. Our editors and team members have worked very hard and that\s why we have been seeing such great achievement.

Different organizations from different parts of the world have liked our work and the percentage of our followers is increasing day by day.

Who is the Founder

Raymond Negron is the founder of TheGadgetBeasts. Raymond is a Product Support Specialist at Canon USA. He mainly deals with the projectors. He completed his graduation in Computer Science from Broome Community College. He is a former Performance Improvement Specialist of Jewish Home Lifecare. He conducted a lot of webinars as a guest speaker.

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