Top 5 Best Cheap Projector for Powerpoint Presentations Review & Buying Guide 2023

If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality projector that doesn’t break the bank, then this article is for you. This list of reviews will help you find the perfect projector for your next PowerPoint presentation.

A great projector can make all the difference in your presentation. It can enhance the colors and vibrancy of your visuals, make it easier to share with larger audiences, and allow remote participants to see what you are presenting on their computer screens.

When you’re in the market for a projector, it can be difficult to decide on one that is worth your money. With so many different brands, features, and qualities to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to find the perfect fit for your needs. Luckily for you, this review will show you the top 5 best cheap projectors for PowerPoint presentations.

Best cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations review 2022


1.ViewSonic PA503S 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector

ViewSonic PA503S 3800 Lumens SVGA H

The ViewSonic PA503S is a true SVGA (800 x 600) resolution projector designed to deliver exceptional quality and performance for every meeting and classroom. With a powerful 3,800 lumens of brightness and up to 15,000 hours of Lamp Life, this projector is designed to meet your presentation needs now and well into the future.

Plus, an easy set-up out of the box with Plug & Play technology that enables hassle-free projection in any classroom or training room.

With a super bright 3800 Lumens display and a powerful 10,000:1 contrast ratio, this best cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations provides a sharp image. An SVGA resolution allows for high-quality presentations with detailed imagery. The ability to reduce input latency ensures that audience members have a seamless interaction with the projected image.

The optional Crestron RoomView® support allows users to display and control images over LAN or the Internet, with features such as preset tour and direct labeling of remote VGA inputs, auto source detection, and power management.

Choose HDMI for your PC sources, VGA for older computers, or both for complete computer graphics compatibility. Keep your audience engaged with the short lag time that eliminates delays between command and response. These all make it one of the best projectors for PowerPoint presentation.

It has a larger lens (2.0-to-1), however, so you can project from a little farther away while getting a large image size. That extra lens size also supports a longer-lasting lamp life. The native resolution also supports 1.3-to-1 zoom, so you can present a smaller section.


2.PONER SAUND Mini Projector

PONER SAUND Mini Projector

The Mini Projector 5500 Lux 210″ 3D LED Projector is designed to bring your world to life. The built-in all-in-one speaker fills the room with crystal-clear sound, and the 5500 lux brightness makes images come alive.

The portable size and design make it easy to carry, so that you can experience an exciting new way to watch TV or use the family PC in any room of the house, at work or even outdoors.

It has own color temperature,shutter angle, and brightness. By using this adapter, you can connect your smartphone to your big screen by the mobile phone video output device.

By using high cost performance LED light source,the LED lamp is more durable than the traditional lamp(4000 hours).It’s streamlined design allows it to be placed in any environment from boardroom to living room all from a single device.

It is designed for mobile use.It comes with a handy mobile remote device, which allows you to control the projector directly from the remote. The remote device can be used up to 6 meters away.

It also provides multi-media devices connected via HDMI, USB, AV, VGA and headphone interfaces. With built-in 5W speaker and mini portable size/weight of only 2.86lb, it’s the product for you.

This modern HD 1080P Projector can change your home entertainment easily along with the duty of presenting PowerPoint; bring you an amazing movie viewing experience at home. It’s lightweight, compact and easy to carry with you, even fits in your purse. Small size doesn’t mean it lacks of features,Saund Mini Projector packs powerful functions,it can project vivid images with 5500 lumen brightness.


3.GRC Mini Projector 1080P HD Supported Portable Movie Projector

GRC Mini Projector 1080P HD Supported Portable

The GRC Mini Projector provides razor sharp, high definition picture quality that’s sure to turn heads. Stream movies, sporting events, and more directly to the projector via the HDMI/USB/TF/AV/VGA Interfaces.

The built-in noise reduction fan helps keep it quiet when in use. It also comes with a remote, so you control it from your seat, not your phone! Limited supply available at this special introductory price.

The projector is small in size, easy to operate, and practical for everyday use. The quality of the picture shown by the GRC Mini Projector is perfect since it is in HD. You can even connect this device to your laptop or iPhone to watch movies, series or play games in HD. This is one of the best cheap and portable projectors for powerpoint presentations allows you to enjoy any movie, series or game anywhere in HD at home, office, hotel room or whenever you want.

It can project image size: 32 inches to 200 inches 1 meters to 5 meters and the aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3,. It has interfaces such as HDMI/USB/TF/AV/VGA. It supports USB, Bluetooth, SD cards, and other media playing. The Mini projector can let you instantly enjoy wonderful movies or your favorite songs on big screen TV with your family and friends.

Ultra-portable thanks to its size, it is easy to carry wherever you are. Use it to bring presentations, movies, sporting events or to watch TV shows with family and friends. With this compact projector, let your TV become the size of a movie screen or put up your company’s sales chart or pictures on your office whiteboard while at home.


4.CiBest Video Projector

CiBest Video Projector

CiBest Video Projector with a high-definition video output feature and a high-quality picture. It can upscale SD, HD, or full HD videos to a large screen up to 200 inches. With the 12 years LED light source and 2000:1 contrast ratio, the image is much softer than the ordinary lamps.

The projection distance ranges from 20cm to 250M due to its variable focal length lenses and wide-angle lenses. By the way, it features brightness adjustment, keystone correction, and so on. And it is made of aluminum alloy which has a good heat dissipation function.

This projector has a 2000:1 contrast ratio that provides deep blacks and vivid colors for better image quality with a fast response time to ensure that images are clear. The small size makes it easy to carry around.

With built-in speakers, you can use this projector indoors with no need for an external speaker system when you are presenting your PowerPoint. It includes an HDMI cable, USB cable and AV cable for connecting your devices with a computer or laptop.

The project outputs video for various devices, including PCs, DVD players, SET-top box or LED/LCDs, etc. You can even connect your MP4/MP5 players to this projector and watch movies under the moonlight. This projector can give you a more impressive entertaining experience.

It comes with different accessories that make this product very practical and efficient for presenting PowerPoint, like its LED bulb-free design that helps achieve better audio-visual effect, the soundbar that boosts up crisp audio, and the 3D glasses that bring to life your great cinematic moments outdoors. Additionally, this projector’s projection technology makes it easy to install in any space.


5.GooDee 2021 G500 Video Projector

GooDee 2021 G500 Video Projector

The GooDee 2021 G500 Full HD Video Projector is a full-immersive, high-definition experience. Create an immersive movie experience on the go with whichever screen size you want. With its 2400 ANSI lumens image brightness, the GooDee allows you to adjust the image into the perfect size for you.

The built-in speakers enhance your experience with rich volume and quality. This projector has the highest contrast of 3000:1, meaning that deeper black tones will allow you to understand what you’re watching a lot better.

This GooDee projector is a budget projector for PowerPoint presentations. Its 2500 lumens of brightness is brighter than other projectors of comparable size. Its accelerometer adjusts the picture depending on how you’re holding it. It has tons of ports, including HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, and headphones.

A built-in USB port is available to connect your mouse or another USB-compliant device to toggle through presentations with ease. Have a bigger meeting room? No problem! The unique flexible vertical keystone correction capability corrects the trapezoidal distortion inherent in wide-angle lens projectors to display square images on your screen. So you are good to go with this projector to present your PowerPoint slides in a bigger room.

Its bright color, high contrast display make it ideal for gaming, watching movies, or displaying your presentation slides during your next business meeting. With features like vertical keystone correction, auto power on, and Auto-off timers, you can maximize your viewing experience. Overall, this is really a good projector for PowerPoint presentations.

Frequently Asked Question On Best Cheap Projector For Powerpoint Presentations

What Is A Projector Used For?

Projectors are used for many things, whether that’s giving presentations in large conference rooms, projecting images onto screens for video conferences, or showing slideshows at weddings. They’re also used in schools and libraries as educational tools.

What Is The Best Projector For PowerPoint Presentations?

Projectors are used for many different reasons, and depending on what you’re using the projector for, one size does not fit all! If you’re looking to use your projector for PowerPoint presentations, then just choose any one from the top list of the best budget projector for PowerPoint presentations.

How Do I Choose The Best Projector For PowerPoint Presentation?

Choosing the best projector for PowerPoint presentations does require some knowledge of projectors–how they work, what’s available (and how much it will cost), and what budget you have.

Powerpoint Presentations

What are Single Lens Projectors (SLP)?

First popularized by the JVC model TH-L3100U, SLP projectors use a single lens to project images onto a reflective surface. This type of projector can be found in lower price ranges but it often has greater degradation in images compared to reflective projection screens, which are more expensive but offer much better image quality.  These types of projectors can really be a good choice for presenting your slides in your boardroom.

What is the best cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations?

A projector can make PowerPoint presentations easy for teachers and students to create. A student’s favorite movie or cartoon won’t look half as good on a small device like an iPhone or Android phone as it does on a crisp projection screen.

What many people don’t know is that there are some great projectors that are really affordable, but still provide high quality pictures and sound. One of the best cheap projectors out there is the Dell 4K Ultra HD Projector with HDR10 Support, which can create insanely detailed images at up to 130 inches.


A good projector provides superb performance, even in bright light or daylight. This makes it perfect for home use or in an office with natural light. It produces bright, high-contrast images even when you display color-rich content, like photos

PowerPoint isn’t an ideal presentation tool if you require more than a few slides. Not only is it difficult to present with, but the lack of control over animations can make your presentation look unprofessional. If you need to present on a regular basis, a projector is a much better solution. You can just choose 1 from the above list of the best cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations that meets your requirement.

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