Top 5 Best Projectors for Tracing Images 2023 Review & Buying Guide

Projectors have become an increasingly popular tool for tracing images, both commercially and artistically. They offer a large, evenly lit surface that can be easily moved around, and the projected image can be easily manipulated to fit the needs of the user. There are many different projectors on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you.

Inexpensive and easy to use, projectors are a great way to get the most accurate tracing possible. There are a number of projectors on the market that are designed specifically for tracing images, and in this article we will take a look at the top 5 best projectors for tracing images.

If you’re studying an image and want to increase your understanding of it but feel that looking at the computer screen is limiting your full engagement, getting the best projector for tracing images is the ideal solution.

Top 5 Best Projector for tracing:

Best Projector for tracing images Review 2022


1. BenQ HT3550 4K Art Projector

BenQ HT3550 4K Art

This BenQ HT3550 DLP art projector is packed with useful features like HDR (High Dynamic Range) PRO TONE mapping, Vertical Lens Shift (5%), and special, vertically oriented lens design.

With 4K UHD resolution, this awesome image tracing projector for artists will produce brilliant images with four times more pixels than Full HD projectors. Overall, this is one of the best projectors for tracing images.

This equates to unprecedented levels of contrast, color, and clarity that were previously impossible to achieve in home theater.

This projector is one of the smallest, lightest and feature-packed high-performance art projectors in its class. The crystal clear 4K UHD LED projector with superior image quality and brightness is perfect for tracing images.

With true 4K UHD and HDR-PRO TONE MAPPING and specialized all-glass lenses, you can sit back and watch movies, play video games or enjoy entertainment in spectacular detail.

The HT3550 combines the latest in technology and design to deliver a projection solution fit for home entertainment enthusiasts and professionals seeking ultra-high picture quality on their screens.

Equipped with BenQ’s exclusive HDR-PRO tone mapping technology, users can experience vibrant color accuracy that’s closer to real life. In a word, this is the best art projector for tracing images.

2. Artograph EZ Tracer Opaque Art Projector

Artograph EZ Tracer Opaque Art

The EZ Tracer Opaque Art Projector enlarges flat artwork from 2 times up to 10 times onto any vertical surface. This portable projector is designed to project images on walls, ceilings or tabletops.

The lens is a 163 mm optical glass. This product uses 100 watt-equivalent 1600 Lux LED light bulb or 23 watt CFL. Operating instructions are included in the package.

With the Artograph EZ Tracer Opaque, you can project flat artwork of any size onto a vertical surface — and then trace your masterpiece! Your original artwork and the projected image will remain perfectly sharp.

This projector is ideal for artists of all ages and mediums: illustrations, oil paintings, pencil sketches, chalk art, pastels, photo transfer and more. Rather than having to trace on a horizontal plane like an overhead projector or opaque projector, you get more precise results with the ability to move around your work (think: underneath furniture) and see it from every angle.

This is really one of the best projectors for tracing images. It uses a powerful 100 watt-equivalent LED or 23 watt CFL bulb to enlarge artwork from 4″ x 4″ to a massive 10″ x 10″.

This Artograph Art Projector is a quick and easy way to trace from your original art, making it ideal for students sketching illustrations, portfolio artists transferring pen-and-ink drawings onto canvas boards, or anyone who wants to transfer digital files from their computer to larger formats. Overall, this is the best art projector you can buy from the market in a similar price range.


3. Artograph Tracer Opaque Art Projector

Artograph Tracer Opaque Art

This is another cool projector for tracing images. The Artograph Tracer features a lightweight, compact design for easy portability. Just clip your artwork to the copyboard, dial in the desired size on the lens, and project directly onto your art.

A bright 23-watt fluorescent tube is included to handle artwork up to 24″ square, while an additional 1600-lux LED bulb can be added for larger images. No light stand is required because of its magnetic base.

Unique, push-button controls are mounted on the cord of the lamp–no need to bend or stoop down to adjust settings or replace bulbs.

The Tracer provides crisp lines and accurate color while enlarging flat printed images on to any vertical surface up to 14 times its original size. It has a bright, cool white light that better illuminates the image for clean lines and top-quality results.

It enlarges and projects an image of your drawing or artwork onto almost any surface, making it easy to trace and color in hard-to-reach places. This small projector has a simple design, yet it is very powerful and makes tracing designs quick and easy without the hassle of straining to reach the original work.

The optics in this device are such that you can enlarge (up to 14X), project, and trace images on vertical surfaces such as walls, windows, floors and curtains. The lamp does put off some heat but not enough to burn up if held too. This is really a very good art projector for tracing images. To be honest, this is one of the best art projectors on our list.


4. Artograph Prism Opaque – Best Art Projector

Artograph Prism Opaque

The Prism art projector uses a precision-ground lens to project the image of your artwork onto a flat surface. The 200mm lens can be used with artwork up to 20x larger than actual size or reduced down to 80% of original size.

It includes a top-loading 7 x 7 inch glass-covered copy area and has an adjustable angle for focusing the image. Art quality lighting provides illumination and our dual cooling system ensures quiet operation and prevents overheating and damage to sensitive components.

The power switch and all controls are located on the rear panel of the unit, away from the operating area, for maximum safety.

This top projector for tracing images features a glass lens with a 200mm precision-ground optical glass lens which can project artwork up to 20x or reduce it to 80% of the original size.

With an adjustable Top-loading 7 x 7-inch copy area illuminated by a 500-watts photo quality lighting system, this projector is powered by a dual cooling system and includes a Safety Overload, which automatically turns off the projector if not used for 15 minutes.

It features a precision ground optical glass lens, top-loading copy area with adjustable illumination; and UL-approved safety overload protection. This is coupled with our innovative dual-cooling system that maintains the best operating temperature range for an optimum image resolution.

The lens of this quality art projector will capture every detail at up to 20x the original size for an enlarged print like never before.

As nice as that may be, it will also reduce your image down to 80% of its original size giving you the ideal scale for small format printing. This is one of the best art projectors as well.


5. Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3LCD projector

Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3LCD

With its 3500 lumens of equal color and white brightness, the Home Cinema 2100 delivers tremendous entertainment for the whole family.

Get up to 11 feet of stunning, Full HD 1080p entertainment with this smart home theater projector. The 2x HDMI ports let you connect an HDTV, game console, Blu-ray player, or other external devices.

The sophisticated 3LCD technology creates outstanding image quality – with 5 times the resolution of standard LCD projectors – for ultra-sharp images with natural colors.

This powerful art projector is also ideal for educational environments, where students can present work directly onto the screen using the built-in.

To be honest, if you have the budget, this can be the best art projector you are looking for. This can really be a good digital projector for artists.

The 2100 delivers 2x the brightness of other projectors for dazzling color, image detail and contrast. It offers epson 3lcd technology with 3 x 1080p resolution capability, up 35,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 2200 lumens colour brightness and 2,500 brightness for white light.

The 3LCD white light technology ensures a true, vivid color reproduction and a wide 1.66x zoom lens allows you to enjoy a variety of screen sizes.

This 3LCD art projector also includes two HDMI ports that support MHL, allowing you to connect any handheld device directly to the projector for instant entertainment.

With a powerful home entertainment solution that’s perfect for widescreen viewing, you can now enjoy a viewing experience that lets you see every detail in the dark scenes as well as saturated colors and rich contrast in brighter scenes.

And because it’s 3LCD, you get an amazing picture right out of the box. Overall, this is one of the best projectors for tracing images on our list.


What is an Art Projector?

What is an Art Projector?

Art projectors are fairly easy devices that display projected images onto a screen or surface – creating a truly unique piece of artwork! The screens can be any size and appear like traditional paintings on canvases when viewed at certain angles (a typical use case for this kind of device). Smaller screens can even be printed onto clothing, which is also a unique aesthetic.

So, in other words, an art projector is a device that projects an image onto a surface. It is often used by artists to project their designs onto a canvas or other surface for painting or drawing.

There are many different types of art projectors, including those that use slides, transparencies, or digital files. Some projectors are designed for personal use, while others are meant for professional use in art studios.

How does an Art Projector work?

A typical art projector works by projecting images onto one or more canvases (depending on the configuration of the projector). The image is shown in the canvas, and the image appears like a painting when viewed at certain angles.

This makes them ideal for home decorating, interior design applications, or really any situation where you wish to display your artwork in an interesting way.

You should be aware that most projectors come with multiple canvases (typically 3 to 6), and they are often configurable based on your needs. You can secure your canvases with tape or using an adhesive.

An art projector setup generally consists of a projector and multiple canvases. The projector’s brightness and size will determine the size of the screen you can display.

What Is Digital Art Projector?

The Digital art projector is the most advanced type of projector, being able to project many different types of digital art. The best part coming from this projector is that you can create digital drawings with the software or store your favorite images.

This type of projector can be used not only for creating artwork but also displaying it. Some artists have even created artwork solely for this type of projector, making it a very useful tool in the modern age.

What Is Opaque Art Projector?

Opaque Art Projector

An opaque projector is a type of projection screen that makes an image that is mostly or completely invisible. Aside from their use in cinema, they are sometimes used in live presentations and other events to control visibility of the projected image.

Opaque projectors add a new dimension to any stage by allowing for different levels of obscurity. For example, an event might not wish its audience members to be able to see individual performers on stage so they can focus on what is happening around them.


If you are an artist, then choosing the best projector for tracing images is possibly something you might be in need of. But, if you are unfamiliar with what projectors are, you might be wondering what they actually do.

Well, if you look for projectors among the latest technological gadgets in the market today, you will see that they could be used to create images on low surfaces like walls and floors. This allows you to use them in drawing rooms, for instance.

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