Cheapest 4k Projectors (REAL 4K) Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

If you don’t have enough time to check all the projectors of the list, here you can simply go for Optoma UHD30. This is our recommended cheap 4k projector from the list. If you can increase your budget a little bit, you should also check VAVA LT002.

With the advancement of modern technologies and reduction in the price of hardware, 4K projector is now becoming a reality for the average user. Everyone now likes to have 4k features on their projector.

You may know that 4Ks are expensive. Yes, it’s true for some renowned brands. But now, a lot of 4k projector manufacturers bringing some cheap 4K projectors with true 4k resolution on the market.

Though, a few years ago, owning a 4K projector wasn’t easy as most of them used to come with a hefty price tag. But nowadays, things have changed as many manufacturers are coming up with affordable options for 4K projectors.

These 4K units will not only deliver you a lifelike visual quality but will give you the 4K experience without breaking your bank.

However, you won’t easily find them just looking at the budget 4K segment as not all of them will give you the required quality.

That’s why we are here to make a list of all of the most efficient cheapest 4k projectors available in the USA and you can buy them easily.

You will find a lot of options even under $500 if you search on the internet. But you know, 4Ks are not so cheap though their prices have been reduced as they were before.

Today, you’ll know about:

  • Top 10 inexpensive 4K projectors (True 4K Resolution)
  • Benefits of buying a 4K projector
  • How you can buy the real 4k projectors, not copy

So we have created a list of the best and cheapest 4K projector that is worth every penny you pay for them. Most of them might carry different specifications and functionalities, but one thing which is common in every product is a real 4K visual experience.

Please note that in this article we are not listing any items that come from other countries like China and aren’t available on the US market since you will need to pay a lot of extra cash to bring it to the US.

Top 10 Cheapest 4k Projectors Reviews 2021


1.Optoma CinemaX P2 – Cheapest Ultra Short Throw 4K Projector

Optoma CinemaX P2 cheap 4k projector

Without a shadow of a doubt, Optoma CinemaX P2 is the most potent 4K UHD projector you will find in the budget range. If you are looking for an immaculate 4K visual quality projector, then you can check this projector out.

It combines superior laser light technology and 4K UHD native resolution to treat your eye with a cinematic experience that you haven’t experienced before.

For all the 4K contents, you will get super rich colors and enhanced brightness as it incorporates BrilliantColor technology and 3000 ANSI lumens. This is one of the best high lumens 4K projectors on our list.

Experience stunning clarity and realistic 4K quality with HDR10 and 2000000:1 contrast ratio that can turn your room into a mini-movie hall.

Not only visual, but P2 will also impress you with HD cinematic audio and comprehensive frequency coverage from its premium inbuilt Bluetooth speaker with Dolby Digital 2.0.

Like most high-end projector, it also gives you buttery smooth videos by minimizing motion blur, and the credit goes to PureMotion technology.

Optoma CinemaX P2 ultra short throw

P2 delivers outstanding longevity of 300000hours that promises a long life of 10years and that too without any fading issue. Enjoy seamless operation using Alexa or Google Action and control everything through your voice.

The setup process and image alignment have been made easy by Optoma’s SmartFIT app, autofocus, and zoom function.

It may have a limited screen size range of 85-120inches, but it gives you a super-short throw ratio of 0.25:1, so you can quickly get an 85inch screen from a few feet away.

With this top-end 4K display, you will get all the necessary connection facilities like HDMI, HDCP 2.2, ARC support, USB, RJ45, S/PDIF, and audio out.

  • Top-notch color and clarity.
  • Totally user friendly operation.
  • Rich and loud audio output.
  • Simple and smart installation facility.
  • It has a low image size option.

2.LG HU70LA – A True 4K Projector for Gaming under $2000

LG HU70LA CineBeam Smart 4K Projector

LG HU70LA can be introduced as one of the best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars that has not only impressed everyone with its performance but also Smart functionalities.

Through LG webOS Lite, this device paves the path for you to smartly access 4K contents from various apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, and many more.

It also gets the brilliant LG ThinQ AI that shows its intelligence by assisting you to control the projector through Google Assistant and Alexa.

Enjoy fluidic visuals without any stuttering issues, and it is due to TruMotion technology that utilizes modern video processing to generate more frames between existing frames.

With 3840 X 2160 native resolution and XPR technology, you will be treated with an incredible 4K output with heavy detailing and clarity.

Thanks to the 4Ch LED with wheel-less technology, this true 4K projector delivers richer and deeper colors in all the 4K visuals and takes your experience to a new height.
LG HU70LA projector connections
The 140inch maximum screen size and brightness up to 1500 ANSI lumens turn your dream of experiencing exceptional 4K visuals into reality. The clarity it has on offer is simply exceptional, and the credit goes 150,000:1 contrast ratio.

It has the capability to last up to 30000hours, so it not only lowers your cost of ownership but also bars you from replacing the lamp for at least a decade.

Loaded with DTV Tuner, Bluetooth, USB, Screen Share, Wireless Contents Share, HDMI, RJ45, HID, and audio out, you can utilize the projector for connecting different types of devices.

  • Massive LED lamp lifespan.
  • Precise color reproduction.
  • Seamless operation and access to various OTT contents.
  • Incredible 4K images with zero lag.
  • It doesn’t come with 3D compatibility.
  • The contrast level is not that great.

3.VAVA LT002 – Best 4K UHD Projector

VAVA LT002 UHD Laser 4K Projector

VAVA LT002 is undoubtedly a top-class 4K visual projector equipped with modern features whose main job is to offer your 4K cinematic experience at your home. You will understand how good this 4K projector is once you see the VAVA LT002customer reviews.

The 4K visuals are a feast to the eye, and it has been made possible by the DLP projection and 4K UHD native resolution.

Moreover, it gets the latest ALPD 3.0 laser source technology that ensures you will always get breathtaking realness and depth in your 4K visuals.

Adopting a three-segment color wheel and an NTSC range of 85%, this projector will baffle with the intrinsic color detailing in all the 4K projectors.

With 2500 ANSI lumens and 1500000:1 contrast ratio, you can stay assured you won’t have to compromise on the clarity and vividness of the visuals, even on a large screen.

The punchier HDR10, on the other hand, adds to the overall 4K performance by notching up the sharpness and saturation level.
VAVA LT002 projector HDR vs Non HDR
It is designed to give you complete entertainment, and the Smart TV system with Android 7.1 OS and 32GB storage serves as the proof. With HDMI, USB, video-in, RJ45, S/PDIF, Bluetooth, and audio, LT002 gives you complete freedom to connect all the modern projectors.

The Harman Kardon inbuilt speaker with Dolby Audio and DTS-HD gives you a stunning surround sound experience, and if you go by most 4K projector reviews, you will find the same.

The unconventional 0.233:1 ultra short-throw ratio makes things easier and assists you to project a 100inch image from 7.2inch away.

Unlike typical laser projectors, it doesn’t face overheating issues, and it is due to the modern cooling system with three fans.

  • Terrific 4K images.
  • The colors and black depth are exceptional.
  • Super short throw capability.
  • It has plenty of connection options.
  • Limited functionality for image setup.
  • The inbuilt app store doesn’t have all the popular apps.

4.Optoma UHD52ALV – True 4K UHD Smart Projector

 Optoma UHD52ALV Smart True 4K Projector

Optoma is well known in the market for offering some of the best inexpensive yet quality 4K projectors, and the UHD52ALV 4K projector is one of them.

It is a Smart projector that gives you the option of voice control through Amazon Echo and Google Home and eases up your daily operation.

It is one of those devices that offers 1.3x optical zoom and 15% vertical shift so that you won’t have any problem while setting up the projector.

Like every top-end 4K projectors, it also gives you the flexibility to notch up the image size from 34inches to 302inches whenever you need it.

Importantly it also comes with a great projection range of 2.9-34.89inchs; meaning you won’t have to remove everything in your room to set up the projector.

In terms of 4K experience, Optoma UHD52ALV uses 4K UHD and 3500 ANSI lumens, and together they create a magical high-resolution output to give you the best-in-class home-theater experience.
 Optoma UHD52ALV projector 4k effects

It truly delivers fantastic detailing and brilliant colors, and it has been made possible by HDR10 and HLG compatibility. The support from the RGBWRGBW color wheel takes the color quality to a whole new level and helps in bringing out stunning 4K performance.

Optoma has also introduced UltraDetail technology, whose job is to deliver crystal clear images by enhancing sharpness and frame rate.

You can stay assured that you won’t have to look for a new lamp for at least for 5years as it promises a 15000hours of lamp life. It is loaded with a variety of inputs that comprises 2 HDMI, VGA, USB, RJ45, RS232C, and audio in & out.

  • Entirely value for money.
  • The quality and clarity of 4K are exceptional.
  • Totally user-friendly usage.
  • It has some minor visual lag, especially for games.
  • You will face some audio glitches.

5.Optoma UHD50X – Affordable 4k projector

Optoma UHD50X Affordable 4k projector

Another top-class 4K visual projector from the house of Optoma is UHD50X that amazed most of the users with its extensive list of functionalities and 4K performance.

It has a widescreen size ranging from 34inches to 302inches so you can easily transform your room into a large-screen home cinema.

Unlike most high-resolution, it comes with a short 1.21 throw ratio, so you can comfortably get a considerable screen experience in your living room and that too without much space.

It offers great flexibility when it comes to installation as you will get 1.3X zoom, vertical lens shift, keystone correction, and varied mounting options.

The flexibility factor also continues in the connectivity department because you will find HDMI 2.0 & 1.4a, VGA, S/PDIF out, USB, RS232C, 12V Trigger, and audio in & out.

This native 4K resolution device is the world’s first 240Hz cinema gaming projector that will leave you in awe with its revolutionary image quality and silky smooth visuals.

It utilizes true 4K UHD native resolution with and DLP chipset, and together they deliver a realistic visual output that you won’t find in high-end TVs.
Optoma UHD50X features

Thanks to the 8-segment color wheel and BrilliantColor technology, it assists the projector to exceed HDTV Rec.709 standard and produce an unparalleled color performance.

The 3400 ANSI lumens and DynamicBlack technology makes a significant impact on the overall 4K performance and ensures vividness and rich textures in all the frames.

Since it is designed for delivering a magnificent gaming experience, Optoma has geared it with game modes, 15.7ms response time, and HDR effect.

While using this real 4K projector, longevity won’t be a great concern to you as the 15000hour lamp life ensures a long run.

  • Incredible 4K UHD performance with smooth frames.
  • Loaded gaming and entertainment functionalities.
  • It offers an excellent projector distance.
  • It lacks evenness in the brightness.

6.ViewSonic PX747-4K – Best Native 4K Projector for Gaming

ViewSonic PX747-4K Projector

Available at an affordable rate, ViewSonic PX747-4K is genuinely an exceptional native 4K projector that delivers 3840 X 2160 resolution for a big-screen UHD immersive experience.

The native resolution is backed by 3500 ANSI lumens, so not only do you have an extraordinary vividness in the visuals but also a minor fading issue in ambient light.

The combination of SuperColor technology and TColor enhancement puts out an unparalleled color performance and takes the overall experience to a new height.

Clarity and skin tone is an important aspect that completes an actual 4K visual experience, and that is why it gets 12000:1 contrast ratio.

It even gets the support of HDR, so you can expect the projector to decode HDR content and mesmerize you with beautiful and detailed visual output.

With excellent visual quality, you will also enjoy powerful audio from the inbuilt 10-watt speaker, but it fails to offer high volume in large spaces.
ViewSonic PX747-4K Projector connections

Whether you want to watch alone or with your family, the 30-300inch image size range will give complete flexibility to cater to different requirements.

However, you will have to maintain a wide gap between screen and projector as it requires a 3.26m gap to achieve a 100inch image. Connecting an external won’t ever be a concern to you, and the credit goes to the availability of RS232, HDMI, computer in, audio in & out, and USB.

The setup process is relatively straightforward, and during the process, you will also find the support of a 40-degree keystone, optical zoom, and focus.

ViewSonic is known for its colossal warranty coverage, and this affordable 4K projector is no different as it gets a 3-years warranty and 1-year lamp coverage.

  • The clarity and quality of 4K output are exceptional.
  • Excellent HDR performance.
  • Great lamp coverage for 4K projector.
  • Best in class warranty coverage.
  • Mediocre shadow detailing.

7.ViewSonic X10-4K – Best Affordable Projector with 4K

ViewSonic X10-4K projector

When you look for a true 4K resolution projector at an affordable rate, one model that you shouldn’t miss out on in your consideration list is ViewSonic X10-4K.

Thanks to the 4K UHD native resolution and 2400 ANSI lumens, it will leave you in a trance with its lifelike image quality and razor-sharp detailing.

The Rec.709 color accuracy and HDR support make a significant impact on the 4K experience as it reproduces all the colors and gives you the cinematic outlook.

Thanks to the 3000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, you will be flabbergasted by the black depth and clarity in the images. Moreover, it gives you the option to expand the screen size from 30inch to 200inch and that too without compromising on the 4K quality.

The 0.8:1 short-throw ratio from this elegant 4K HDR projector makes it more agreeable and lets you use it anywhere without worrying about space.

It even offers vertical keystone and focusing facility so that you won’t have a problem. However, the feature that will impress you the most is its LED lamp longevity, and it can last up to 30,000hours with ease.
ViewSonic X10-4K projector connection
ViewSonic has also armed it with four core processors, 2GB RAM, and 16GB storage so that it can flawlessly play high-resolution videos without any lag.

The convenience of voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant ease up the user interaction and let you efficiently operate through simple voice commands.

To complete your cinematic experience, it also delivers a 360-degree room-filling sound with clear dialogue, and the credit goes to the inbuilt Harman Kardon dual 8-watt speaker.

  • Stunning 4K UHD images.
  • Vivid colors and fantastic clarity.
  • It is loaded with modern features.
  • Compact build quality with leather trim.
  • It lacks the option of higher tilt.
  • The inbuilt audio could have been louder.

Acer V7850 is a hidden gem in the budget 4K projector segment that is yet to get its fair share of popularity in the market.

With the capability to achieve up to 25.17ft, it gives you a wide range of screen size options to experience 4K visuals on a large screen.

Unfortunately, it won’t impress you with its throw distance as it needs 65inch space to achieve a 78inch image size.

Based on a powerful 240-watt UHP, this projector can last up to 15000hours if you use it in ExtremeEco mode throughout its lifespan.

However, this device’s biggest highlight is breathtaking image quality with pinpoint clarity, and the credit partly goes to the 4K UHD native resolution with 8.3million on-screen pixels.

Experience strikingly realistic colors and glimmering details with ColorPurity and HDR compatibility, bringing out all the colors and detailing from the content.
Acer V7850 projector top
It might get a brightness level of 2200 ANSI lumens, but you will always be treated with clear visuals while enjoying 4K contents.

It also gets the support of Acer DynamicBlack coupled with a 1200000:1 contrast ratio that not enhances the detailing in dark scenes but also improves the clarity by a large margin.

The AcuMotion technology plays a vital role in enhancing your 4K experience by reducing motion blur and enhancing image clarity in fast-paced scenes.

It is fully loaded with all the necessary ports, and you will find HDMI, USB, RJ45, VGA, and audio 3.5mm. The dual 5-watt speaker may not make a massive difference to your audio experience, but this 4K video projector gets the job done in small to medium size rooms.

  • Almost accurate color reproduction.
  • It has a highly detailed 4K output.
  • It doesn’t make much noise.
  • Lacks the support for Dolby Vision and HLG HDR.

9.BenQ HT3550 – An Affordable 4K Capable Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT3550 HDR10 Home Theater 4K Projector

When it comes to getting one of the best 4K home theater projectors within a budget limit, one name that always pops out is BenQ HT3550. It gives you the actual 4K resolution.

Based on correct 3840 X 2160 native resolution and 8.30million on-screen pixels, this projector brings out the cinematic magic in your living room.

Moreover, it equips a best-in-class ten element lens array that ensures the right amount of light penetration for producing a sharp and detailed image quality.

The CinematicColor technology gives the projector the ability to cover 95% of the color gamut and ultimately bring out visuals with precise and tremendous color accuracy.

This award-winning projector also equips HDR-PRO technology that only balances the brightness and colors but also enhances your 4K HDR viewing experience.

To give you the perfect big-screen movie experience at home, BenQ HT3550 also puts forward CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 that delivers a soothing stereo 10-watt audio output.
BenQ HT3550 projector distance comparison
It offers a standard 30-200inch image size range, which is more than sufficient for indoor entertainment. The 1.13:1 throw ratio is beneficial as it gives you the option to get a screen size of 100inches by just keeping the projector 8.2ft away.

The installation process is totally straightforward, and the credit partly goes to the 1.3x zoom and vertical lens shift.

It is simply a top-class 4K visuals projector that also excels in the body design and oozes out an elegant feel that you would expect from a device at this price point.

The rear section of the device houses a decent amount of ports, and it includes the likes of HDMI, USB Type-A & B, IR Receiver, 12V Trigger, and audio out.

  • Dynamic and colorful 4K images.
  • The visuals don’t fade in ambient light.
  • Great audio output.
  • Lens shift is very limited.

10.Optoma UHD30 – Best Budget 4K Projector

Optoma UHD30 budget 4k projector

Dedicated mainly for gaming and entertainment, Optoma UHD30 is a meticulously crafted projector that is loaded with all features you need from a 4K projector Optoma. It is one of the cheapest and the most elegant 4K HDR projectors in the market.

Experience lag-free 4K gaming with zero motion blur and the credit goes to 16ms response time coupled with 240Hz refresh rate and Enhanced Game mode.

However, you get the true essence of 4K entertainment and gaming due to the 3840 X 2160 native resolution with 8.30million on-screen pixels.

The 4K UHD projection also gets the support of HDR and HLG that enhances not only the richness of visuals but also improves the overall clarity.

The detailing and black depth of the images are simply incredible, and it has been made possible by DynamicBlack technology with a 5000000:1 contrast ratio.

With 3400 lumens of brightness and 8-segment color, the projector delivers an amazing sharpness and color saturation and all together gives you a whole new 4K experience.
Optoma UHD30 projector throw distance

With an incredible 4K performance, you also get excellent longevity as the lamp can last up to 15000hours. In general, TV screens produce harsh light that causes eye strain, but you won’t face the same with this true 4K projector as the light is reflected back from the screen.

The combination of the 34-302inch image size range and 1.5:1 throw ratio makes this a plausible option for home entertainment and backyard movie watching sessions.

The 3D visuals at full HD resolution will give you the cinematic feel, and this is why many consider it as one of the best 4K 3D projectors. You will surely be happy with its top-end 4K display.

This projector is one of the most optimized budget 4K projectors. Optoma offers a year-long part and labor warranty as well as a 90-days lamp warranty with this device.

  • Rich and crisp 4K visual output.
  • It has plenty of modern ports.
  • Buttery smooth gaming visuals.
  • Decent lamp lifespan.
  • It has a greenish tinge in bright mode.
  • The projection distance is quite large.

11.LG HU80KA – 4K Home Theater CineBeam Projector

LG HU80KA projector

LG HU80KA is a brilliantly designed exact 4K projector that doesn’t compromise when it comes to delivering large-screen 4K cinematic visuals.

With a screen size up to 150inchs and dual 7-watt inbuilt speakers, it creates a theater-like environment in your room and gives you the cinematic feel at home comfort.

It is an award-winning projector that incorporates 4K UHD native resolution and a Laser light source to project a top-of-the-line visual output.

This device also comes with 2500 ANSI lumens and a 150,000:1 contrast ratio, and together they ensure optimum clarity and vividness in all your images.

The support from HDR10 makes the visuals come alive by bringing more accuracy in color and churning out all the highlights from the contents. The design of this LG 4k projector is attractive.

Watching fast motion scenes in movies or games will be a treat to the eye, and the credit goes to the TruMotion technology that enhances the refresh rate.

LG’s Smart TV platform makes streaming content from popular OTT platforms so much easier and allows you to enjoy your favorite content whenever you want.

Besides, you also get the option of Screen Share, DLNA, Bluetooth, DTV Tuner, USB, HDMI, HID, etc., so you can also connect external devices to play 4K contents.

With great functionality, you will also enjoy the longevity of 20000hours, so you can expect to run the projector for seven years without replacing the lamp.

While setting up, you can quickly correct any image deformation as you will have auto keystone, focus, and 1.2x zoom at your arsenal. The uncanny design of the projectors makes it stand out in your room decor, and it can outclass most 4K projector Epson by its looks.

  • Top-notch 4K visual performance.
  • It comes enabled with the Smart TV platform.
  • Modern body design.
  • It lacks lens shift and backlit on the remote control.
  • Short warranty coverage.

We like to present to you some essential facts that will deepen your know-how and will also make it easier for you to target the best 4K projector from the budget range.

Benefits of Buying a 4K Projector

4K resolution is the future of visual entertainment, and there are more reasons that you should invest in a 4K unit rather than going for anything else.

With a 4K projector, you will not only experience a magnificent visual experience, but you will also get to see the sharpest clarity.

Every 4K projector has eight million pixels, so when they are coupled with high brightness and contrast, you get an image quality you have never seen.

Plus, 4K projector is known for offering large images with low noise that you won’t get with other resolutions. The color quality in a 4K projector is exceptional, and they produce a realistic color saturation for every frame.

4k projector benefits

Even though the number of 4K contents is not vast as full HD, but 4K projector gives you the opportunity to play contents of any resolution.

You can enjoy a particular full HD tv show at its optimum quality and clarity. Another critical factor is that 4K is like an investment, and it won’t go obsolete for at least a decade.

Unlike most of the projector options available in the market, a 4K projection is excellent for the eye as our eyes are more comfortable in watching visuals in 4K resolution.

High pixel density and proper reflection of light makes the 4K images easy on the eye and allows us to watch it for an extended period.

4K projectors are meant for offering a significant screen experience, and this is the reason most of them retain the real 4K quality even if you go for bigger screen sizes.

If you want to experience a cinematic visual experience at your home comfort, this projector type is the best choice.

Moreover, they are geared with powerful, robust speakers that not only supply great audio but also enhance your 4K experience.

Most of the 4K projectors come equipped with modern connection options like HDMI, MHL, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, D-Sub, USB, Screen Mirroring, and many more.

The availability of a large number of ports makes it easier for everyone to connect various types of external devices with ease.

Image correction and zooming facility in a 4K projector are better than what you will find in other projector types.

When you zoom in to a certain image or video in a 4K projector, you won’t get a pixelated or blurry view; instead, you will be treated with sharp image quality.

Notably, 4K imaging devices don’t lose the quality even if you use digital zooming. One of the primary reasons that compel people to choose a 4K projector is their affordable pricing, and nowadays, many top brands are coming up with budget 4K projectors.

How You Can Buy The Best & REAL 4K Projectors from The Market?

It isn’t easy to buy an actual 4K resolution projector in the market as the market is filled with brands that offer enhanced 4K resolution. So we have listed some of the crucial you should into consideration:

REAL 4K Projectors

4K Native Resolution

When you are going for a real 4K projector, you should look for a 3840 X 2160 native resolution projector. The number of projectors offering true 4K resolution is low, especially when you look for them in the budget range.

However, modern brands are introducing pixel shifting processes that achieve 4K alike image quality at an affordable option.

Different brands have put different names for this process, like eShift by JVC, 4K enhancement by Epson, TI UHD by DLP, and native approach by Sony. So depending upon other factors and image quality requirements, you should choose.

Display Technology

Once you have decided about the native resolution, now you need to choose the display technology. 4K DLP is the most common choice for display technology in the budget segment, and most of the projector utilizes 4K DLP.

It uses three single-DMDs that assist the projector in producing better colors, low motion blur, and excellent cinematic image quality.

different Display Technology for projectors

Another prominent choice you will find is 4K LCD display technology, and it comes equipped with LCD chips and color wheels.

The performance of 4K LCD is simply outstanding as they deliver clear and highly detailed 4K image quality. However, they often face frame lag and rainbow effect, but the chance of them occurring is minimal.

Besides, LCOS and SXRD display technology are also available for 4K, but they all come with high-end models.

Brightness and Contrast

A 4K projector won’t be able to deliver a true 4K image quality with the support of proper brightness and contrast. When you are going for a 4K output, you should make sure the projector must have a minimum of 1500 ANSI lumens and a 10000:1 contrast ratio.

The combination of brightness and contrast ratio plays a crucial role in deciding the overall image output, and importantly both of them complement each other.

Depending upon the surrounding, you should decide as low brightness and contrast can lead to a washed out and foggy image output.

Screen Size and Throw Distance

4K movies and TV shows are meant to be seen on a big screen, and you should never compromise on the overall screen-size range.

The recommended maximum image size is 150inch, but you can go more than 200inch if you wish to use it for outdoor movie purposes.

While considering the throw distance, you should check the availability of space for the setup. If you have a large space for setup, then the throw distance of your projector won’t matter to you.

However, if you have some space issue, then depending on the available space, you should decide between short-throw and ultra-short throw capability.

Lamp Longevity

Budget 4K projector mostly comes loaded with various hardware high that consumes a lot of lumens to produce the necessary 4K image.

projector lamp life

Due to the high amount of usage of lumens and power, you won’t be getting a considerable lamp hour from them. Most of the 4K projectors in the budget category have lamp hours lower than 10000hours, and hardly any projector offers above 15000hrs.
Cheapest 4K Projectors

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap 4K Projectors

1. What is the difference between real 4k and 4k support only projector?

The primary difference between a real 4K and 4K support is their native resolution. A true 4K projector will have a native 4K resolution, while a 4K support comes with full HD native resolution.

There is a vast difference in the quality as real 4K brings out the right 4K UHD quality while a 4K support only plays the 4K content by downscaling the quality.

2. How to select the real 4k projector over cheap 4k supported projectors?

The best way to choose a real 4K projector is by assessing the native resolution and type of visual technology used for projection.

A projector that offers 3840 X 2160 native resolution with 8.3million pixel density is considered a real 4K projector. Moreover, the projector should be devoid of any pixel shifting or enhancement technology.

3. Are Cheap 4k projectors worth the money?

4K resolution is the future of entertainment, and the quality it offers makes it totally worth the money you spend on them. So a 4K projector is an excellent choice if you are getting the 4K projector as a future investment.

However, it is advisable to invest in a 4K projector that caters to your requirement rather than going for an extravagant 4K projector. Check the thread to know more.

4. Why are 4k projectors expensive?

4K projectors come with high UHD resolution along with high color accuracy, heavy-duty lamp, low noise, and many more.

A large number of features and use of high-end hardware makes the 4K projector an expensive device. However, the availability of cheap hardware and advanced technologies are lowering down the cost by a good margin.


Before we bid final goodbye, we want to assure you that all the cheap 4K projectors we have added after careful consideration and testing so none of the products would disappoint you.

All the products in this list belong to reputed brands and come with warranty coverage.

The 4K visuals they have on offer are simply incredible, and it will quench your thirst for experiencing 4K cinematics in your living room.

Although we have compiled products from different price ranges and all of them shine when it comes to visual performance.

You will come across products like VAVA LT002. that are pricey, and you will also get ViewSonic PX747-4K costing under $1000. So based on your requirement, you should carefully choose the projector you need.

We have devised our reviews in such a way so that you have a clear idea about the product you are choosing. To make things simpler, we have also put forward a buying guide and frequently asked questions.

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