Top 10 Best Cheap Projectors Under $100 Reviews 2023

Are you in need of a projector that will help you in your studies and also meet your entertainment requirement? But you need to find a projector under the 100 dollar range?

Well, it is quite challenging to find the top projector under the $100 threshold. There was a time when it wasn’t possible to get a projector under $100, but the advent of modern technologies has revolutionized the market with numerous affordable projectors.

You find numerous budget choices in the market, but not all cheaper units will give you the required performance. So what can you do?

You will have to research projectors, but it is a time-consuming product that would take a lot of your valuable time and energy. This is why we have come up with a list of the best projector under 100 that contains all the finest projectors to meet your needs.

So without further ado, let’s start with our reviews:

10 Best Cheap Projector Under $100 Reviews


DR.J Professional HI-04 Mini Outdoor Movie Projector

DR.J Professional HI-04 Mini Outdoor Movie Projector

DR.J Professional HI-04 is genuinely a magnificent HD projector under 100 dollars that has thousands of positive reviews all across the e-commerce market.

Delivering a top-notch visual experience is the main motto of this projector, and that is why it combines 720p native resolution with a five-layer LCD lens to offer the clearest resolution possible.

Despite being an HD projector, it can comfortably play full HD contents so that you won’t have to compromise while organizing backyard movie sessions.

Plus, this mini projector comes with 1800 lumens, which offer better vividness than other projectors with higher lumens figures and thus ensures clear visuals in outdoor conditions.

HI-04 packs an enhanced contrast ratio of 3800:1 contrast that not only makes sure accurate color reproduction but also a visual output with rich clarity. This is one of the best cheap projectors under $100 of our list.

While watching movies for long hours, our eyes often get fatigued due to the light’s intensity, but this manufacturer has utilized diffuse reflection technology to make sure a healthy watching.

Generally, you get features what you pay for, but it breaks that trend by offering you a massive 40000hour of lamp life where you can use the projector for many years.

Moreover, it can be projected from 32inches to 170inches, meaning you can use it to watch movies inside the home or use it on the lawn to watch games with friends.

DR. J Professional HI-04 40000

Whether you want to use it for a few minutes or hours, you can watch the whole movie without interruption, and the credit goes to the dual-fan cooling technology.

Since it is a complete multimedia projector, you will find ports like HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, micro SD card, and audio to connect a laptop, TV stick, smartphone, etc.

You might face some image distortion while setting up the projection on a large screen, but you don’t need to worry as you will have focus and a 15-degree keystone at service.


GRC W15 HD 5000 Lux Home Theater Projector

GRC W15 HD 5000 Lux Home Theater Projector

Are you eyeing one of the best yet cheapest projectors under $100? We would like to recommend you GRC W15 that offers stunning visual performance at this price point. To our surprise, it utilizes HD native resolution and puts out a detailed and vivid image quality in all screen sizes.

With 5000 lumens, it creates a mind-boggling image quality and retains the overall quality even if there is a lot of ambient light.

One of the most interesting facts about it is 70$% brighter than others in this budget segment. You won’t ever frown on its clarity and color quality as it is backed by a 3000:1 contrast ratio and massive color gamut coverage.

GRC Mini Projector, Full HD 1080 Supported

Unlike conventional projection devices, it utilizes LED sources that not only save you in energy bills but also reduces the cost of ownership by providing a 55000hour of lamp life.

Delivering big-screen entertainment is a big highlight of this device, and that is why it utilizes a 32-200inch screen-size to meet the demand.

However, the main problem lies in the setup area as it comes with a 1-5meter projection distance range requiring you to maintain a considerable distance from the screen.

Equipped with keystone correction and adjustable focus, you won’t have a tough time correcting any kind of errors and getting a super clear view.

The compact structure and 2.2lbs body weight make GRC W15 a great portable multimedia device that you can take to outdoor locations, friend’s houses, or long rides for entertainment.

The multi-interface compatibility with HDMI, VGA, AV, TF card, USB, and 3.5mm audio gives this device a lot of flexibility when it comes to hooking different devices.

You won’t get annoying fan noise or face overheating while enjoying the movie, and the credit goes to the intelligent cooling system backed by a low-noise fan.

Notably, the package contains numerous accessories, so you won’t have to invest more once you get this projector.


Poner Saund 2021 Updated 5500Lux LED Projector

Poner Saund 2021 Updated 5500Lux LED Projector

Poner Saund LED projector is not your usual low-cost projector; instead, it is a meticulously engineered product that can offer excellent visuals in both indoor and outdoor areas. Featuring a massive 40-210inches screen size, you can not only use it for movie sessions but also utilize it for office presentations without compromising on quality. Not only that, but the 5-15ft projection also acts as an added advantage because you won’t be needing a considerable setup area to project an image of 100inch.

When you go for a big screen, you need to have a proper projection capability to ensure an excellent visual experience, and this is why it gets HD native resolution. You won’t have a problem playing your high-resolution movie due to the full HD it offers and that too, with authentic visual reproduction. High brightness is a significant requirement for a multipurpose projector, and that is why it packs 5500 lumens so that you can watch movies easily in different places.

Poner Saund 2021 Updated 5500Lux
Moreover, the 5500 lumens also ensures sharp data images and vivid texts even when you’re providing a presentation at a 100inch screen.

It is an ideal pick for both home entertainment and office presentation, especially in semi-lit condition, as the 3000:1 contrast ratio makes sure of optimum clarity and black depth.

This projector is also an expert in delivering clear sound quality with decent bass, and the credit goes to the powerful inbuilt speaker. It also comes in handy in the occasions of connecting different types of devices.

The back part of the body houses HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and headphone, while the top part will give you access to on-board controls.

Despite having so many options on the body, this projector is really compact, and the unique design facilitates you to put it in the bag.


SeeYing T5 200inch Display Portable Projector

SeeYing T5 200inch Display Portable Projector

SeeYing T5 may fall in the affordable projector category, but it would be naive to underestimate it as it has impressed thousands of customers with its top-notch visual performance.

The high-power and energy-saving white LED light source is extremely useful as it reduces energy consumption by 30% but ensures longevity up to 50,000hour.

Whether you want to play games or watch movies, you can do it all by connecting the source device through HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, or SD card. Overall, this is one of the best cheap projectors under $100.

The inbuilt stereo speaker will be very useful when you are watching movies alone, but when you are with family, you should connect an external speaker through the audio port.

Enjoy an outstanding visual experience with the projector’s 720p native resolution as it delivers LED-TV alike image quality with superb detailing.

It even gets 4500 lux of brightness, so you can say goodbye to fading issues while having ambient light in your room.

SeeYing T5 200inch Display Portable Projector
The LCD panel Blu-Ray boost technology makes a significant impact on the performance by delivering wide color ranges and ensuring a cinematic output.

Even though it is cheap, it comes with a mammoth 10,000:1 contrast ratio to produce outstanding images with razor-sharp textures and dark scenes with proper black depth.

The 32-200inch big screen display will open new boundaries for your entertainment and allow you to utilize it for various occasions, especially in outdoor locations.

While projecting any particular image size, the image might not fit properly within the screen, and in that time, you can use the 15-degree keystone to correct the anomaly.

The short-throw projection capability is a big boon to the user because you can get a large projection in a small room.

Another major highlight of this device is the portable design that not only makes it easy to carry but also gives it a lightweight body of 1.87lbs.


Meer YG300 Pico Full Color LED Projector

Meer YG300 Pico Full Color LED Projector

Meer YG300 is a widely popular mini projector under the 100 dollar range that has made an enormous impact in this segment.

The pocket-size design is a primary talking point, and it comes with an overall weight of 0.64, so it won’t weigh on your pocket or bag while you carry it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any inbuilt battery, but it compensates for this down point with its 5V/2A power source so that you can charge it through a power-bank or wall charger.

Besides the power cable, it also flaunts HDMI, USB, TF card, 3.5mm headphone, and an on/off button in the back.

Utilizing a new generation LED light source, Meer has managed to keep the power consumption within 24-watt, thus saving you from an outrageous energy bill.

Plus, the LED promises to last more than 20,000hours, which is incredible for a Pico unit.

GRC pico Projector big screen
You might think of it as an ordinary Pico model, but it holds the prowess to showcase an image-size up to 80inches and not break any pixel.

The 1.6:1 projection ratio is justified for a projector of this size, and you will need to keep it only a few away to achieve 80inches.

However, this device is only suitable for home entertainment in dark conditions as the 400 lumens can’t yield the required amount of brightness in the presence of ambient light.

The 480 X 272p native resolution with support up to 1080p does an excellent job by projecting a decent visual quality. It may have a contrast ratio of 800:1, but it won’t face any faded view or low clarity scenes while watching a TV show.

However, you shouldn’t lay your trust on its 1-watt speaker, and we would suggest a portable speaker or headphones for a proper audio experience.

The onboard controls make this projector extremely easy to operate, and you can control almost everything through these buttons.


AuKing M8-F 2020 Upgraded Portable Movie Projector

AuKing M8-F 2020 Upgraded Portable Movie Projector

When you plan on buying a home projector under the 100 dollar mark, you shouldn’t miss out on considering AuKing M8-F.

With complete support up to 1080p resolution, it provides a top-notch home cinema at a bigger screen. With that being said, you will have the option to notch up the image size from 32inches to 170inches and create a theater-like visual environment.

The 800 X 480p native resolution may seem low on paper, but the visual will almost feel like HD on the big screen with a decent amount of detailing.

The 2600 lumens does a great job for home entertainment, and it delivers enough vividness to create a clear image quality even in ambient light.

The color quality and image clarity it has on offer is simply astonishing, and the credit partly goes to the 2000:1 contrast ratio.

ViewSonic M1+ projector usage
Setting up this projector in a small apartment might be a little tricky as it comes with a projection distance of 1-5m, which incurs a colossal area of setup.

However, you can save space on speakers, and it is due to the inbuilt dual speaker that oozes out balanced audio for all your movies and TV shows.

Loaded with advanced LED bulbs, this projector promises to serve for your minimum of 10years with its massive 55,000 hours of lamp life.

It is designed for everyday entertainment and to make sure that it gets a Plug & Play facility for quick projection. Besides HDMI, you will also have the option of USB, VGA, AV, 3.5mm audio, and SD card for wired connection.

You will only get a 15-degree keystone and focus ring for any kind of image adjustment, and it will correct any error within a few minutes.

AuKing provides a 2-years warranty coverage with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and only a few handfuls of organizations offer this kind of facility.


GRC Mini 1080p Support Video Projector

GRC Mini 1080p Support Video Projector

Another affordable model under $100 from the famous budget projector maker, GRC is a mini portable video projector that has stunned everyone with its pricing and performance.

Built to serve in different locations, GRC has given it an ultra-compact body construction so that you won’t have a problem carrying it to your friend’s house or outdoor areas.

Since it is designed to serve various situations, GRC has given it a wide 32-200inches image size so that you meet all the projection needs at different locations with a variable amount of audience.

With a large screen size, you also get a decent 1-5m projection distance range and makes it suitable for an all-round setup.

While watching movies on a marathon, you won’t need to switch it off in the middle for cooldown, and total credit goes to the specially designed ventilator with powerful fans.

While the cooling system is in action, the inbuilt noise reduction function makes sure you won’t get annoying fan noise in the background

GRC Mini Projector total package
This projector is all about offering you a decent visual experience, and this is the reason it employs 800 X 480p native resolution to put up a quality projection.

It is also backed by a 4500lumens of brightness that does a beautiful job in both indoor and outdoor by ensuring optimum vividness and detailing.

Equipped with a 3000:1 contrast ratio, you won’t feel much degradation in terms of clarity and color output when watching a movie on a big screen.

The power LED light source not only offers you a vivid projection but also treats you with the longevity of 45000hours so that it can accompany you for at least 15years.

Once you buy this projector, you won’t have to spend any more on buying HDMI cable, AV cable, remote, etc., as they all come in the package.


SWZA 4000 Lux Mini Movie Projector

SWZA 4000 Lux Mini Movie Projector

Based on a 480p native resolution, the SWZA mini-movie projector serves as an ideal solution for users who want to experience big-screen entertainment at an affordable cost.

But the surprising fact is that you can easily play full HD content on this device and enjoy an outstanding visual performance.

Offering 70% more vividness than its competitors, the 4000 lumens makes a considerable impact on the overall visual performance and creates clear visuals in all areas.

However, the 2000:1 contrast ratio is slightly low in comparison to its competitors, and it helps in maintaining a decent amount of clarity and color depth in all the frames.

To have an excellent visual experience, you also need good audio, and this the reason it comes with a potent inbuilt speaker that gets the job done in small spaces.

Besides movies and football matches, it is not at all suitable for presentation purposes as it fails to offer the required text clarity.

SWZA 4000 Lux Mini Movie Projector
Being a low-cost projector up to $100, you might think it will have poor durability, but 45000hours of lamp life serves as the primary example of its terrific durability.

Moreover, it gets a durable construction with a compact body design, thus making sure you have the option to carry it everywhere you want.

It even comes with a carry bag and various other accessories for an added convenience. This projector offers an image size of 34-180inches with 3-12ft throw distance and provides complete flexibility to both outdoor and indoor usage.

The support for multiple device connections through HDMI, AV, micro SD, USB, audio 3.5mm, and VGA make this device extremely convenient to use.

However, to connect it to your smartphone, you will need a separate MHL adapter or lighting to HDMI adapter. Like every standard device, it also doesn’t fail to offer you facilities for image correction option, and you will keystone and focus ring on the top.


3Stone T20 1080p Support Multimedia Portable Projector

3Stone T20 1080p Support Multimedia Portable Projector

3Stone T20 is a hidden gem in the market that may not have massive popularity like others, but it is gradually making its way into numerous lists of the best cheap projector.

Without proper brightness and contrast, you can’t expect to have excellent image quality, so T20 gets 3000 lumens to engulf every frame with the required vividness for a clear view.

Plus, it gets a decent contrast ratio of 1000:1, which is sufficient for home entertainment, but it will fail to deliver the same amount of clarity in outdoor or semi-lit conditions.

Since it is meant for entertainment, 3Stone has only included a 16:10 aspect ratio option in this projector. The 480p native resolution does a great job in delivering a modest image quality on the big screen, but you shouldn’t expect much detailing like any HD projector.

However, you don’t have to be disheartened by its low native resolution as you can easily play all the modern contents, and the credit goes to the full HD resolution support.

3Stone T20 1080p Support Multimedia Portable Projector
Thanks to the advanced cooling system and low fan noise, you can opt for movie marathons and that too, without getting annoyed by high fan noise.

Whether you want to see a movie alone or with your family, you will have an image size range between 32inches and 176inches to adjust according to your requirement.

It even comes with an excellent throw ratio of 1.4:1, and you can expect to achieve a large screen from a short distance.

Smooth connection and easy operation is a big highlight of this projector, and it has been made possible by HDMI, VGA, USB, SD Card, AV, audio 3.5mm, and on-board controls.

We can confidently say that it will serve as a lifetime investment to you because the 57,500 will make sure you won’t have to change the lamp for at least 20years.


Bonsaii PJ8001 4500Lux LED Portable Projector

Bonsaii PJ8001 4500Lux LED Portable Projector

The last addition to this list is Bonsaii PJ8001 that might not be the cheapest projector in this segment but serve as a total value-for-money product.

Featuring 720p native resolution and full HD support, it has all the necessary features that you need from a projector for outstanding home entertainment.

The chance of fading or clarity issue in the images or color quality is meager, and the whole praise goes to the mammoth 4500 lumens.

As it will be mostly utilized for indoor entertainment where there is low ambient light so we think the 2000:1 contrast ratio would be suitable.

To enhance the visual quality, Bonsaii has also introduced dynamic compensation technology ensures every frame has top-notch smoothness with great clarity.

The inbuilt speaker does a decent job, but for a complete room-filling sound, you need to have an external speaker.

Loaded with multiple device connections like HDMI, SD card, AV, VGA, audio, and USB flash, this projector is ideal for watching movies, binging on TV series, or browsing photos.

It is often considered as one of the best choices for home entertainment because it offers a wide image range starting from 32inches to all the way up to 170inches.

However, the 4.9-16.4ft throw distance might be slightly problematic as it would need 10-12ft distance for showcasing a 100inch image.

Bonsaii PJ8001 4500Lux LED Portable Projector

The 15-degree keystone and focus ring gives it a lot of flexibility during placement, and you can easily correct any issue within a few seconds.

Another feature that has impressed a lot of users is the 50,000hours of lamp life that promises 15years of a long run. Plus, the LED projector uses diffuse reflection, which ensures you won’t have eye irritation while enjoying a TV series for a long hour.

When you are new to projectors, only the review won’t ultimately help you in finding the ideal projector under 100 dollars for yourself.

You need accurate information regarding some aspects of projectors that will help you get proper knowledge and also narrow down the choices.

What Criteria Do You Need To Consider When Choosing The Best cheap Projectors Under $100?

Various factors that arise when you decide to buy a projector under 100 dollar is really crucial, and you should pay attention to each of them.

The following points will highlight those factor that will assist you in buying the budget projector under 100:


While you are ready to buy yourself a new projector, you first need to decide the projector’s purpose.

Do you want to use it for organizing high-quality presentations in your office?

Or do you think that it will become an integral part of your home entertainment? You should make a proper decision because you can’t simply use a business presentation projector for home entertainment as it would fail to give you the required visual experience.

However, if you are looking for a projector for backyard movie sessions or use it while traveling, then you should look for outdoor models.


The higher the resolution you get, the better the image quality will be, but you can’t expect high resolution when you are going for a projector under 100 dollars.

However, you should always try going for higher resolution because it will ensure crisp images and more significant detailing. Even though you will come across numerous projectors 480p or 640p native resolution, you should try to get 720p, especially when you are getting it for movies and TV series.


It is one of those factors that makes a significant impact on the visual output of your projector. Brightness level determines the vividness and how bright your image will be when there is ambient light.

For home entertainment, 1000-3000 lumens is quite sufficient, and you can comfortably get a great view even in a semi-lit room.

However, the brightness requirement will be for more outdoor entertainment and presentation, and you will need a minimum of 3500 lumens to get a proper view in any light condition.

Remember, you should allow the brightness to be the essential deciding factor because some projectors are optimized in such a way that 500 lumens can offer better brightness than 1200 lumens.

Contrast Ratio

Along with brightness, contrast ratio also makes an impact on the visual as it helps in determining clarity and black depth. Since it shows the difference between the brightest and darkest pixels, so it is always smart to go for the maximum amount of contrast ratio.

The 500:1 contrast ratio is the minimum contrast ratio you should get when getting a projector for under $100.

Screen Size and Throw Ratio

Depending upon your requirement, you should determine the screen size you want from your projectors. 30-150inch screen-size is entirely sufficient for indoor purposes, but for outdoor and large-screen presentation, it is best to get a maximum screen size of 300inches.

Similarly, the throw ratio you want entirely depends upon the type of projector you are buying. If you have a space issue in your home or office, then based on space availability, you should either choose ultra-short or short-throw ratio. But if space is not a problem for you, then you shouldn’t pay much attention to the throw ratio.


Portability may not seem like an important consideration, but for outdoor and presentation projector, it plays a vital role.

Pico or any portable projectors comes really handy as you can easily carry them in your backpack while going to different locations.

However, portable units face some overheating issues, so until and unless you need to use them in different areas, you shouldn’t opt for portable units.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are projector screens measured?

The way the projector screen is measured is quite simple, and it is determined by the total length from the top left corner to the lower right end corner of the screen.

The process the screen is measured on is similar to the way a TV or monitor screen size is determined. Inches is the standard form that is used for depicting the diagonal screen of the projector screen.

2.What does a contrast ratio mean?

The contrast ratio is basically the ratio between the darkest pixel and the brightest pixel displayed by a particular projector. The contrast ratio is calculated by taking the darkest black and whitest white to compare the luminosity.

So you can understand the more significant the contrast ratio figure better will be the clarity, vividness, and black depth on the screen.

3.What happens when a projector lamp dies?

Once a projector lamp dies, then your projector will stop producing any visuals, and you will have to replace it with a new lamp.

The lamp life of a projector varies from model to model, where some get around 10000 hours while some heavy-duty lamps get around 30000hours. So you can keep a check on the lamp usage and buy a spare lamp before it goes kaput.

4.Where to place a projector?

The projector needs a good amount of space, so it is best to place the projector in a medium to a big room so that you can enjoy the significant screen experience.

While setting the projector, you can tripod stand or mount it to the ceiling for a proper projection angle. However, if you are using a short-throw projector, then you can place it on a table, and it will offer you good visual output.

5.How long does the lamp last on a cheap projector?

Many buyers have the misconception that when they are going for a projector under $100, then they won’t get great lamp longevity.

But in reality, it is totally different, and nowadays, most of the budget projectors can live up to 30000hours with ease. If you are looking for longevity, then you shouldn’t settle for a projector below 10000hours.

6.What type of lamp is in a projector?

Different types of lamps are used in a projector, and LED, along with UHP lamps, are the most common type you will find in budget models.

LED lamps are considered to be the most long-lasting lamp in this segment, and all of them come with a minimum of 20000hour of longevity.

Nowadays, some manufacturers are also using a combination of LED and laser technology in their lamps, but you will hardly find any projector carrying that technology.


For the last few years, projector technology has made huge improvements, and the availability of budget hardware has made it more affordable than modern LED TVs.

Nowadays, you won’t have to shell out much to get a big-screen experience at home or backyard. You can easily own projectors like DR.J Professional HI-04 under the $100 range and enjoy terrific video quality with numerous entertainment options.

There are products like SWZA mini-movie and 3Stone T20 that may come with low native resolution, but they offer a decent visual performance when you place them at home.

We also have products like Poner Saund LED projector that you can not only use indoors but also utilize in the outdoor areas.

We are confident that our buying guide and all frequently asked questions along with answers will help you to make an informed choice.


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