Top 5 Best Projectors Under $150 Reviews 2023

It is difficult to find the right projectors under $150. There are too many cheap projectors available today. A projector is an investment. You need to make sure you get the best deal. When we’re buying a projector, it doesn’t matter how much we spend; the main problem is finding the right model.

Even when you do find one, it’s hard to make sense of all the features and specs. Buying the wrong projector can be a costly mistake. Having to resort to using an old TV or a laptop screen can be unproductive and inconvenient.

That’s why we have made a list of top 5 best projectors under $150 to make your life easier. We’ve done most of the hard work for you by conducting thorough research on over 300 projectors and finding the best ones below $150.

Top 5 Best Projectors Under 150 Reviews


1.PVO Portable Projector – Mini Projector under $150

PVO Portable Projector

PVO Portable Projector for Outdoor Movie will be your best choice. It can project up to 150 inches, which is big enough for you to see. If you have a big screen and want to watch an outside movie in the grass field or park, it’s your best choice. When you are going on a picnic, it’s a great choice for watching a movie without needing to connect with an outside network and electricity. And the biggest advantage of this projector is that the price is so cheap.

It supports OTA updates and plugs and plays, the fan connection is DC 5V and it can be connected for a car as well. Three color modes can meet your different needs. The 3D glasses support connecting for PC, etc, and enjoy the private cinema. It has a built-in speaker (RMS 2W). The USB function supports mp3/jpg playback. High-quality leds, no need to replace; instant startup, no need for cooling downtime.

Not only does it enhance the view of your favorite event, it lets you create a great, memorable experience with friends or family. Portable and lightweight, this projector easily packs into most bags. It has a built-in battery that allows it to be HDTV-ready and an easy-to-access SD card slot to play anything from your portable media device.

It has a portable and lithium battery with a 2600mAh capacity which is relatively long-running over 3 hours. With HDMI, USB, audio, Micro SD, TF, and AV interfaces, it can be compatible with any sort of device.

This top Projector Under $150 is 4.6 x 2 x 1.6 inches and weighs just 10 ounces. That means it is small enough to fit into your pocket or purse. This mini projector can project a maximum of 150 inches, but the natural resolution has increased to 800. These features and positive customer reviews make it one of the best portable projectors under $150.


2.TMY Projector – Quality Portable Projector under $150

TMY Projector

If you are looking for the best projector under 150, then this model is for you. The TMY Projector is designed with an upgraded 6500 Lumen 1080P Full HD Supported Video Projector engine. It can project the 1080P image up to 220-inch which makes it suitable for a large screen display. Besides, it is equipped with 3LCD color calibrating and adjusting technology. Therefore, you could enjoy the great image quality and vivid colors on both Cinema and Game modes.

With this 1080p Full HD supported Video Projector, you’re able to get high-quality images of in movie theaters. Not only does it come with a 6500 Lumens, LED light source, but also has amazing color calibrating and adjusting technology to improve the quality of your viewing experience.

High-quality pictures are achieved by 3LCD color calibration and adjusting technologies. This projector provides users with the best price-performance. TMY Projector specializes in providing a wide range of projection products.

This portable device is capable of displaying an image as large as 220 inches, with a screen size ranging from 32” to 89”. It also comes with premium features, including 3x optical zoom and 3LCD color calibrating and adjusting technology.

This is a budget-friendly projector for under $150. It is the best choice for rooms with limited space. At only 3.5 lbs., this compact, portable projector provides stunning projection larger than a 60″ screen in either indoor or outdoor environments. This projector can easily be used with up to four Bluetooth-enabled devices via a built-in Bluetooth USB dongle. The TMY Projector even comes with two 3D glasses to show off your favorite movies, shows, and pictures.


3.BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] Mini Projector

BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] Mini Projector

This is a top-quality projector that can be bought for under $150. This is definitely the best choice for people looking for a projector at a low cost, Bigasuo Pro302 delivers native 720P resolution (1280 x720) and 6000:1 contrast ratio for stunning visuals and brighter colors. The projector has a built-in high-definition DVD player which supports DVD/CD/VCD/MP4/MP3/CD-R/RW formats. It can also be used as a TV with the included AV cable!

It is a perfect $150 portable projector for traveling, and business/educational presentations in classrooms or conference rooms. This projector with a built-in DVD Player features a native resolution of up to 1280 x 720P which means you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies and shows in Full HD. It also allows you to enjoy gaming in room-filling big-screen images.

With its dimension of 11.8 x 8.9 x 3.2 inches and 1.8 pounds, this little lightweight projector is very convenient to carry around with you wherever you want to watch movies on walls or ceiling at home, in your backyard or party and so on, also make sure excellent performance that makes people feel amazing.

It’s not just a portable projector that allows you to enjoy your favorite film, but it also has amazing performance capability. A portable projector provides you the best experience for playing games, watching movies, and even playing music.

It supports full HD 1080p image output and supports any HDMI device, such as PlayStation 3, Xbox360, and other multimedia devices. The built-in 1200 lumen LED light source can bring a clear image of up to 120 inches from only 2 meters distance. It’s an amazing home entertainment projector for under $150 for your family or friends!!!


4. YABER V2 WiFi Mini Projector

YABER V2 WiFi Mini Projector

If you are trying to grab the best projector under 150, YABER V2 WIFI projector is definitely a good choice. It is a smart and portable projector from Yaber, is incredibly easy to set up and use. It delivers a vivid picture with its 1280 x 720p native resolution, 6000:1 contrast ratio, 10000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio, 100″ diagonally screen Display quality in HD 1080P. Yaber V2 WiFi Portable Projector also comes with a stylus pen for convenient operation. More Features of the Yaber mini projector include A TI DLP chipset ensuring high image quality, a mirror mode making it convenient for you to watch TV from yours.

This Mini Projector review supports External SD cards, HDMI, USB, VGA, and Audio input. It is easy to connect with your home entertainment devices. The screen and the built-in speakers provide fabulous entertainment for adults and kids!

It’s easy to set up with an HDMI input, and it can stream video or music from over 300″ away with the compatibility of your wireless device such as Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops.

It is suitable for most of today’s portable devices, such as iPhone7/Android phones, iPad/iPod, Notebook computers, Google Nexus/Amazon Kindle/Nokia N1 mini PC. It can display videos up to 300 Inches on your wall or ceiling by wireless connection. Yaber V2 WIFI projector has an SCT screen- comes with a supportive case to make sure it can be placed anywhere- installation is so easy.


5.ELEPHAS W13 2021 Upgrade Projector

ELEPHAS W13 2021 Upgrade Projector

Open your door to the world of videos with ELEPHAS W13 2021 upgrade projector. The 24000 lumens 3D DLP LCD projector is built for crystal-clear viewing in daylight, and beyond. Bigger than a traditional photo slide, it delivers amazing visuals in any setting, for up to 200in of image size on your wall or screen. Welcome to the ELEPHAS family.

The size is just suitable for you. Just use it and take pleasure in watching beautiful pictures. The color is vivid, the image is sharp, and the sound is full. Moreover, there are many kinds of interfaces so that you can connect to your music devices. You can even play a movie through its USB slot.

This is one of the best projectors under $150 which won the 2013 CES Innovation Honoree and 2014 iF Design. This model has a few improvements, mainly in terms of wifi and audio. This projector is easy to use and allows you to connect to your smartphone or tablet, download an app, and view anything on your device that supports an HDMI cable connection. You can also connect a VGA, USB, or SD card to it as well.

You can enjoy watching movies in any corner of your house, thanks to its handiness. And it’s even easier to use with its Plug and Play system. Plus, thanks to the WiFi connection you can watch whatever you want from your wireless router anywhere in your house.

It is the first full-featured DLP projector with a WiFi connection. This allows users to watch movies by linking them with their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also easy on the eyes – with the latest diffuse reflection technology that eliminates hot spots for maximum visual comfort.(DFI)

How to Buy the Best Projectors Under $150

If you’re looking for a projector that will give you the best quality for your budget, then investing in a projector for less than $150 is a good idea to take into consideration. Less expensive projectors have their own set of downsides, but ultimately the benefits make it well worth the money. Let’s dive in and see what makes these projectors so good.

The first thing to consider when buying a projector is resolution. The higher the resolution, generally speaking, the better picture quality and larger screen size (which means more movies). The higher the resolution, the more objects you can clearly see on the screen (more movies that look good). Projectors that come with a resolution of 720p and up to 1080p are usually recommended for people who plan on watching most of their content online.

Not all projectors offer resolutions above 720p. The difference between a 720p projector and one that offers 1080p resolution is about 10% better image. Some people will say this is barely worth it, but I think if you’re ready to buy a projector, you should at least go with one that has a higher resolution than 720p.

How to Buy the Best Projector Under $150

If you’re going to buy a projector, I suggest looking for one that offers a high-quality video. This means it has support for graphics and will make sure the picture is crisp and clear. You should not find yourself staring at the same picture multiple times. A great projector should offer two HDMI ports, as well as RGB, Scart, VGA or DVI connections (capturing your content).

You also want to stay away from projectors with outdated technology – like DLP or 3LCD. There are new technologies such as LCD and LED (light-emitting diode) that are being used more often compared to older models.

The best projectors in this category have a DLP chip. This kind of chip works well and provides users with high-quality content. All projectors in the world should be able to support 720p, but you want to see that the projector you’re interested in is actually capable of 1080p (or other higher resolutions).

If you’re looking for a great quality projector under $150 that also has great speakers, you may want to consider a model that has 3D capability. Some models may not offer 3D at all, but most people who are curious about getting this kind of functionality will be able to get it with no problem.

Best of all, cheap does not mean bad. There are some cheap projectors that offer great quality and value for your dollar.


A projector is a handy addition to any office or home. They have been growing in popularity over the years with prices dropping a lot and that means that there are more options that have hit the market. Now finding the best projector under $150 is easier than you might think and we hope our article has helped.

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