Top 5 Best Projectors for Laptop Review

Don’t you just hate it when your laptop screen gets too small? There are many situations where you may need a bigger screen, such as watching a movie or giving presentations. The best way to get the most out of your laptop without replacing it is by investing in a projector. Here is the review of the top 5 best projectors for laptops.

Buying a projector for your laptop can be a daunting task. There are so many different projectors to choose from. If you’re anything like me, once you have an idea of what you want, you don’t find that much time or patience to read multiple reviews just to find out which is the best for you.

We wanted to make things easier for people who want a quality projector for their laptops. So we analyzed all the projectors on the market and categorized them based on their function.

Top 5 Best Projectors for Laptop Review

Projectors are becoming more and more popular with computer users. They are a great way to turn your laptop into a home theater. As the market becomes saturated, it can be hard to find the perfect projector for your needs. That’s why we compiled this list of 5 of the best projectors for laptops.


1.AuKing Mini Projector Upgraded

AuKing Mini Projector

AuKing Mini Projector is the perfect pocket-size video projector (about 6.5 inches) for your laptop. Its 20-inch display size is ideal to project full-screen images of text or videos, while its built-in speakers make it an easy-to-use all-in-one video projector.

The durable shell (about 1 inch) protects the device against accidental damage; providing you with years of convenient usage. The built-in cooling system incorporates the latest cooling technology to keep the temperature under control, extending the life of the.

This easy-to-carry projector for laptops features 1600×1200 native resolution for clear images, with brightness up to 150 lumens. Especially, it comes with 2GB of internal memory that allows you to plug in a USB storage device or SD slot to play movies smoothly directly without inserting an external storage device.

This is one of the best projectors for laptops that supports HD video sources with RCA, AV, YPbPr, CVBS input connectors or HDMI input connectors to allow for flexible connection with multiple devices.

With 2 built-in speakers, you can enjoy the movie immediately without connecting to external audio equipment. The 2000:1 contrast ratio enhances the color saturation and provides about 35% brighter color. Just plug and play and you’re ready to watch the big screen at home! This is really a great projector for classroom presentations, business conferences, home theater, parties, and gatherings.


2.CiBest Video Outdoor Movie Projector

CiBest Video Outdoor Movie

With 2000:1 contrast ratio, 80% more brightness this one is really a good choice to connect with your laptop. This amazing projector can deliver images with a maximum size ranging from 30″ to 200″ with a distance from 2.62ft to 14.8ft.

These all ensure that you can see picture with super high resolution. It has the latest cooling system, keystone correction systems, so you will always enjoy the fantastic view without any fuzz!

This is one of the finest projectors for laptops with a great 2-month money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty, project size up to 200″ in a dark environment, watch sports games, movies, concert Video in your backyard, park, field or any open space without causing too much disturbance; portable video projector is easy to carry, very lightweight (less than 3kg/pounds) and easy to setup.

Simply plugin and enjoy a family movie night with this enhanced CiBest video projector. It uses the latest cooling technology and direct ventilation to keep the unit cool even after hours of use.

The built-in sleep timer, adjustable projection angle, HDMI port, and SD card reader can be used with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and TVs. Plus, the infrared technology ensures no annoying infrared signal interference or latency delay.


3.KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico Projector

KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico

Capture the big picture with the KODAK Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket projector. Simply plug into your HDTV, laptop, or multimedia device to project up to 150”.

This projector is ideal to connect with your laptop for business presentations, weddings, and parties. This pocket-sized frame projector features 60 ANSI lumen brightness using an LED lamp, 854 x 480 resolution, built-in speaker, and sleek illuminated onboard controls.

With a 40″ cord, there is plenty of room to connect to any HDMI or VGA laptop or multimedia device. For portable power, use the included cable to charge by USB or two AA batteries (not included).

This top projector for laptops delivers a brilliant 180″-screen image at 854×480 resolution. This projector is the perfect solution for sharing big content wherever you are with family, friends, or co-workers. You can also watch videos on your Smartphone or tablet even without a different app with this built-in 16:9 LCoS laser light engine LED. Available in the Black textured finish only.

It gives you an interactive experience by displaying contents from your mobile devices to a large screen, wirelessly connecting tablets and smartphones to the projector with Kodak EasyShare Play, Miracast Mirroring capabilities, 2.5 Hours of operation on a single charge, Up to 50 Lumens of brightness, Up to 150″ projection on any surface.


4.ELEPHAS Mini Movie 1080P Video Projector

ELEPHAS Mini Movie 1080P Video

The ELEPHAS video projector is able to achieve 2000 lumens by the latest LCD 2.0 imaging technology, it delivers ultra-clear image, without any rainbow effect due to the new hi-tech cooling system.

Watching videos, gaming on your large screens is so cool. It has great visual experience that will let you watch movies at home just like seeing them in the theater. Also, if you are a teacher or lecturer and you just want to connect your laptop with this projector, this can be your only choice.

ELEPHAS is a leading manufacturer in the field of digital online video devices and audiovisual solutions, providing customers with fun and quality life. We devote ourselves to developing and manufacturing popular and innovative digital products and services and bring hundreds of thousands of users the enjoyment of excellent image and sound both at home and at work.

The ELEPHAS Projector is a perfect full-featured option for your laptop. Coming in at just under 10 inches tall x 8 inches wide and 3 inches thick, the ELEPHAS is a cylinder portable projector that can project a 100-inch image from a distance of less than three feet!

With 2GB RAM, USB, HDMI, AV connections, and an LCD screen size of 19cm/7.5′, it’s easy to connect to your mobile devices such as laptops or smartphones to use for both business presentations or watching movies on the go.


5.DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector


The Dbpower video projector has a built-in, high-quality speaker and can display everything from sports events to home movies. It displays images between 40-200 inches with a projection distance of 1-5m! The DBPOWER video projector takes your viewing experience to the next level!

The DBPOWER LCD Projector is an easy-to-use, no-fuss system that delivers a clear picture for all your presentations and viewing pleasures. This portable projector is small enough to fit in a briefcase or laptop bag, making it a perfect travel companion.

Unlike other projectors which only offer a fixed projection screen size, this model allows you to adjust the landscape and portrait view without compromising the quality of your presentation.

You can connect your smartphones, tablet, laptop or other USB devices to watch videos and pictures in high resolution. The projector is designed with a very convenient handle and rechargeable battery for easy carrying around.

To achieve your amazing special effect, we use the latest LED light source technology which makes the screen brightness 3 times that of traditional lamp projectors. It can project large screen images from 1m to 5m away with the size of 100-200inches!

With LED Light sources users can enjoy watching movies or playing games how they want it. Unlike other projectors, Oxgord portable projector has 1200Lumens Brightness so you can have a better visual experience.

Moreover, it’s only 8lbs. so it’s very convenient for people all over the world to have. Finally, because of its unique design that’s built to house two different cables allowing full compatibility with many media players. Overall, this is one of the best pico projectors for laptops.

How to Buy the Best Projector For Laptop

Laptops are becoming more and more popular as they are not only cheaper than desktops but they are also more portable. The downside of laptops is that the screens are smaller, which can make some tasks harder to complete on them.

There is also the problem of limited battery life on laptops, so if you want to work on your laptop for an extended period of time you will need a laptop stand or a stand with wheels so that you can easily put it on the table.

If you have many files stored in your computer, it might be useful to have a projector for a laptop so that instead of being confined by the small screen size, you can work with your files enlarged and projected onto the wall in front of you.


Before you buy a projector for laptop, you will need to determine which size is right for your needs. The most popular size of projector screens at the moment is the 50-inch screen. This is large enough to display data or images without having to squint or move your head back and forth.

The only thing that you will need to do if you choose a large-sized screen sits further back so that none of the images is obstructed by your body. Most projectors have a zoom function, so if you are using it in a small space it will zoom out, and if you are using it in a larger room it will zoom in.


The brightness of a projector is measured in lumens. As a general rule, a brighter projector will display an image that is easier to see and read regardless of the lighting in the room. A good projector should have a brightness of 3000 lumens if it’s going to be used while there are lights on around it.

If you plan to use the projector only in complete darkness, then you can get by with 2000 lumens. You should also make sure that there is at least 1 contrast ratio, which is the difference between the brightest part of your image and its darkest part.


This isn’t as important as some of the other features on a projector, but it can still be an important factor. The higher the resolution, the smaller the pixels will be. If there are very small pixels on your screen, then you will have a fuzzy-looking image.

A common resolution that is used for projectors nowadays is 1080p. Higher resolutions such as 4K and 8K have been available for some time now, although they are more expensive and most computer screens do not support this resolution yet.

How to Buy the Best Projector For Laptop


A good projector will offer multiple ways of connecting to the laptop it is intended to be used with. They will also have a wired and a wireless connection.

If you’re going to be using your projector in a large classroom, it is a good idea to find one that has an Ethernet connection, so that you don’t have to deal with any wireless connectivity problems.


A good projector for a laptop will be portable so that you can easily reposition it if needed. This is particularly important if you are going to be moving around from room to room during the course of the day.


A good quality projector doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. There are many of them available at prices that are affordable to most people.

You may want to spend more money on your projector if it is going to be used every day for business purposes, but if you are only using yours occasionally, then you may not need to spend a lot on them.

Light source

This is one of the most important features on your projector. The light source will directly affect how bright your image is and if it can be seen in well-lit rooms. A good light source will last for several years before requiring replacement.

Some light sources use mercury, so they should be disposed of carefully when they burn out or break so that hazardous materials don’t get released into the environment.

Color quality

The quality of color on your projector can have a big effect on how easy it is to view the image. A projector with poor color quality will have problems displaying reds, greens, and other colors that are very close in proximity to each other.


The benefits of having a projector for a laptop over not having one far outweigh the negatives. It is more convenient to use and gives you more entertainment choices.

There are many different models and sizes of projectors on the market, so it is worth it to do some research to find the one that works best for you.

If you are in the market for a new projector, we highly recommend purchasing one of the five best projectors for a laptop that we have reviewed today. These projectors will be able to provide an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience whether you’re at home or on the go.

We hope this article helped you find a new projector.

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