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The market is filled with a lot of cheap projectors. Unfortunately, not all of these projectors are worth purchasing. In fact, almost 80% of the budget projectors are of no good.

You need to consider several features before deciding which one to pick. Very few budget projectors deliver what they promise. Is the Yaber Y31 projector one of those? Let’s find out.

Today, I am going to discuss its features and performance in this Yaber Y31 Projector Review.

At a Glance: Yaber Y31 Projector

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  • Brightness: 8000 lumens
  • Native Resolution: 1920*1080P (Supported 4k UHD)
  • Contrast Ratio: 10000: 1
  • Keystone Correction: ±50° 4D ( horizontal and vertical correction)
  • Automatic Vertical Correction: ±45° Rotate Left and Right: ±30°
  • One-Click Restore Function: Easy to restore
  • Sound: Built-in 5W dual stereo speakers
  • Lamp Life: 100000 hours
  • Aspect Ratio: 4: 3/16: 9
  • Screen Size: 50”-300”

Yaber Y31 Projector Review

Yaber Y31 Projector Review

The Yaber Y31 projector is one of the best budget projectors. It’s not perfect, but it’s still a good purchase for those who desire to buy an affordable yet quality projector. I was able to use it for my 4th of July party without any problem at all.

Yaber Y31 is a perfect projector for those who has a tight budget. It delivers HDMI connectivity and a good resolution of 1920x 1080P. If you are looking for a projector with bad colors and washed out display, then this is not the one for you. The Yaber Y31 projector has vivid colors with bright output.


The Yaber Y31 projector is fairly portable. It does not look like the average projector which makes it more suitable for a bedroom or a small conference room. It looks like an average tablet PC with the screen cover on; but, there is no need to cover the screen because it can’t get hot as those portable tablets.

This has a sleek modern design. The finish makes it look like a high-end projector. If you are looking for something simple and compact, then this is the right choice for you.

Build Quality

The quality of the cover is not so good and feels weak. It’s like a plastic cover and it bends rather easily. This projector is lightweight, but it’s also quite sturdy. There is no room for shaking or making noise during the projection. The fan is quite decent and runs smoothly in silent mode.

The buttons on the remote are not backlit which makes it difficult for users to use it in the dark. The only lights that you will see are at the front and the power indicator on the side of the projector. The overall build quality of this Yaber Y31 projector is very impressive for its price, but an extra layer of polish would make it even better and more durable.

The dimension of the product is 12 x 9 x 4.1 inches; and the weight is 5.7 lb. It feels very light in your hands even after you have plugged in all the cables. The design is good, but I would appreciate a better build quality.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is amazing compare to other cheap projectors in that range. The colors are vibrant and the overall color reproduction is accurate. The response time of this Yaber Y31 projector is excellent, so you can experience amazing fast-motion without any problem at all.

The pictures are quite sharp and bright on a full screen with 10000: 1 contrast ratio. This makes the colors look extremely vivid in full spectrum which makes it perfect for watching movie titles or movies in general.


The resolution of the Yaber Y31 projector is 1920x1080p which is pretty good. Very few projectors in that price range have 1080P resolution. The color is not perfect, but it still looks good.

The overall picture quality is very impressive. If you are looking for something with high resolution, so this is the right choice for you.


The image brightness is excellent in comparison to other projectors costing a lot more. It has a brightness of 8000 Lux which makes it suitable for a small living room.

The brightness is great considering the price, but you will need to adjust the brightness depending on your type of projection wall in order to achieve optimum results.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of Yaber Y31 projector is 10000: 1. This helps in projecting high-quality motion images and videos. It’s not the best contrast ratio for a projector, but it still looks good with deep blacks and bright whites.

Screen Size

The screen size of the Yaber Y31 projector is 50” -300”, and the image looks excellent. It can be used at home, work, camping or any other outdoor place.

You can get a very nice picture even if you use it on a small screen. However, the clarity will not be as great because of low resolution. So, if you are looking for something with a good resolution and large screen size, then this is the right choice for you.


Some of the great features of this Yaber Y31 projector are:

4K support

Yaber Y31 supports 4K technology for high-quality images. The color is also very accurate and vivid when you use 4K content on the projector. The contrast and clarity will be better than other projectors that support 4K.

Automatic Vertical Correction

This is one of my favorite features. The automatic vertical correction feature is really helpful in adjusting the projected image vertically for any type of projection. You don’t have to adjust it yourself; just press the button, and it will automatically do it for you.

The keystone correction feature is automatically adjusted, so you can save time and enjoy your favorite content without any problem at all.

Easy to restore

If you ever face a problem, then you can easily restore the Yaber Y31 projector. You don’t have to be a tech wiz. You just need to press one button to restore.

Remote Controlled

The Yaber Y31 projector has an IR remote which makes it easy to operate. This makes it perfect for business presentations at any time in any place.

Yaber Y31 Projector Review

3-Fan cooling system

The cooling system is also very impressive. This way, it will ensure that the machine works at its best and can provide you with amazing images without any problem at all.

The Yaber Y31 has 3 fan running smoothly without making noise. This makes it suitable for dorm rooms and other places where there is a lot of activity. There is no need to worry about the heat, because the projector can’t get hot at all.

Speakers and Sound Quality

It has buil-in Built-in 5W dual stereo speakers with SRS sound system,, so you don’t have to worry about speakers with this. The sound is pretty good.

The speakers are at the bottom of the projector and they produce loud and clear sound without any problem. If you are looking for a cheap projector to use in a small conference room, then this is the right choice for you.

You can use it for presentations in a meeting, or to watch movies later on. Even if there are no speakers, it can still produce good sound from its own internal speakers. The sound quality is also very impressive. You will be able to hear clearly even if there’s no sound system at all.

Connectivity and power supply options

The Yaber y31 projector has 3 ports: HDMI 1, HDMI 2, and an USB. The connection is pretty easy because the inbuilt software allows you to adjust the audio levels of each input.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility with your devices as you can use it with almost any device, whether it’s a tv or a smartphone. It can also be used for presentations too.

The Drawback of  Yaber Y31 projector

The Drawback of  Yaber Y31 projector

Though it has a lot of advantages, there are still some issues with Yaber Y31.

  1. In USB, the projector can only read MP4 fomart, and it cannot read AVI. It can only play back videos that have been converted to MP4 from AVI. You need to play other format by connecting your smartphone or PCs.
  2. It can play 4K videos only from your smartphone. That means, you can not play 4K content through USB
  3. Can not play 1080p/ 60fps videos smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yaber Y31

1. Is Yaber a good projector brand?

Yes. Among the affordable projector brands, Yaber is one of the best.

2. Does Yaber y31 have Bluetooth?

No. But it still has audio in/out ports for external speakers and bluetootth.

3. Can I connect my laptop to the Yaber y31?

Yes. It has both HDMI and USB ports. So you can connect your laptop via a USB cable or an HDMI cable.


Yaber Y31 projector is a very good projector for small spaces and it’s pretty affordable. The speakers are also very clear and the size is compact. It’s rather easy to set up and to use.

After reading this Yaber Y31 review, you should get a better idea of what this projector can offer. If you are looking for a small and affordable projector, then this is the perfect choice for you.

If you are looking for a huge screen experience, this might not be the best option. But if you just want to watch some videos (like movies) in a small conference room or in your living room, then Yaber Y31 is the perfect choice for you.

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