Top 5 Best Projectors for Campervan Review 2023

After long days on the road, there’s nothing better than being able to pull over for the night. If you’re worried about watching movies or playing video games in your campervan, then you’ll want to consider buying a projector. Projectors are great because they can be mounted to any surface and they’re compact enough to fit in just about anywhere. Here are some of our favorite projectors for campervan travelers.

Having the best projector for a campervan is one of the most important things in your RV.  When you’re on the road, having the best projector for the campervan can make a huge difference to your traveling experience. After all, it’s really nice to watch a good quality movie or series when you are in your campervan.

Top Best projectors for campervan 2022


1.PVO Portable Outdoor Movie Projector

PVO Portable Outdoor Movie

The PVO Portable Outdoor Movie Projector allows you to have the cinema experience right in your own backyard. This high-quality campervan projector projects a 120” screen that can be viewed by up to 20 people and offers various video connection options, including full HD USB plug & play, SD Card & HDMI. It includes everything you need to have the ultimate outdoor cinema event. The sleek black design also makes it perfect for indoor viewing. This is an affordable projector for your campervan.

This revolutionary portable projector weighs only 5 pounds and with its battery system pack, you can easily power it up anywhere you go with your campervan. This is perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, backpacking, and even in the middle of your beautiful backyard lawn.

The device’s body is made with acrylic, including the projector lens, which is durable and waterproof. Brightness reaches 500 lumens about 135″ diagonal projection, or up to 300 lumens about 200″ diagonal projection.

You can stream movies from a tablet or laptop, or use the projector’s built-in USB port to connect it to a DVD player. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you watch movies outdoors without being plugged in. A tripod stand with an extendable arm is included, along with all requisite cables for input and power, as well as sheets of projection material.


2.AuKing Mini Projector Upgraded Portable Video-Projector

AuKing Mini Projector Upgraded Portable

Bring movies, video games and sports events to life anywhere you go with the king of portables, the AuKing Mini Video Projector. This pocket-sized projector illuminates an 80″ image at a distance of approximately 28 feet (8 meters). It’s safer than the sun, 10 times brighter than your iPhone (which can easily fit in your pocket), and is less expensive than you think. With the AuKing Mini Projector, you’ll be able to view action-packed films on any wall or ceiling without leaving home.

The advantages of the mini projector are the portability and easy carrying, converting any white wall into a giant screen, saving your money on expensive commercial room size LCD or LED screens, bring fun to your outdoor home theatre by connecting it with your TV or PC playback devices directly.

This top projector for campervan features a compact lightweight design, HDMI USB SD card inputs, brightness up to 100 ANSI lumens with 480p resolution, two 3W built-in speakers, low noise fan cooling system, and more. This versatile projector can be used at home for entertainment or classroom teaching light sources.


3.Top Vision 7500L Portable Mini Projector

Top Vision 7500L Portable

The TopVision 7500L portable mini projector is the perfect microprojector for a campervan. It produces a high-quality image with high brightness and color and has an assortment of useful inputs and outputs so you can connect the device to pretty much any audio and video source. Ideal for business trips, education facilities, and presentations.

It works with laptop computers via the HDMI port, making it easy to present documents, spreadsheets, or videos to colleagues. Enjoy crisp, clear images that are easy to share with just one plug into your laptop. Work anywhere-at-home, in the office, or at school-and presentations will be anything but average with the TopVision 7500L Mini Projector.

Engineered to be the lightest, brightest, most compact personal projector on the market, Vision 7500L uses Texas Instruments’ Brilliant Color technology to produce images with vivid, accurate colors up to 60” diagonal. Whether you use it in the boardroom, the lecture hall, or your living room, this projector will surprise and exceed your expectations.

With its built-in rechargeable battery, you can bring the comfort of your home theater anywhere and everywhere. It can be connected to any device via various connection methods, such as IEEE 802.11 b / g / n wireless LAN, WIFI, 3.5 mm audio-video, AV and VGA ports, and HDMI port.


4.TMY Projector 7500 Lumens with 100 Inch Projector

TMY Projector 7500 Lumens with 100

The TMY Projector 7500 Lumens with 100 Inch Projector is an ideal projector for movie enthusiasts. It measures 1.3’L x 2.9’H x 6.9’W and weighs 4lbs. It features a native resolution of 800 x 480 (800×480) and supports 1080p, and 720p resolutions, and other video and digital media playback formats like AVI, MOV, MPEG-1/-2/-4, WMV9/VC1, MP4/MOV, RMVB/RM/MKV.

It provides 7500 lumens in full-color brightness. A portable projector designed for business and education applications, the TMY Projector offers superior brightness, exquisite picture quality, and advanced networking capabilities in an ultra-compact unit. With full-color brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio, the text comes alive with sharp, crisp images for easy reading.

With DLP technology, this greatest projector for campervan provides high-quality, bright images for your viewing pleasure at home or work. The latest advancements in brightness, color performance, and crystal clarity come together to bring you brighter images with wider viewing angles in this fine projector to give you a truly rich visual experience.


5.Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini

The Anker Nebula Capsule is a portable projector that can connect your devices to project your favorite shows and movies in your campervan. Although there are some obvious challenges with size, the Nebula Capsule has many of the same great features that you would find in large projectors. It includes stereo speakers, an IR blaster, and Wifi for easy connection to your smartphone or any other device with an HDMI. This is a small all-in-one media player that allows you to get high-quality entertainment anywhere.

It comes bundled with a remote and can be used as a complete home media player. For the past 2 years, I have been using the Apple TV as my main Home Entertainment Device which also doubles up as a media server connected to our dining table. It has been superb in every way but fell short in one small feature – there is no microphone for voice commands.

This finest projector for a campervan is not big in terms of the screen or audio output but does everything that I need for around the house watching. Key features include an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness in your room, providing comfort in all conditions whatever time of day it is. With its almost wireless connectivity thanks to Bluetooth and HDMI-CEC connection, plus having Chromecast built-in. This is one of the best portable projectors for a campervan!

Why You Should Install Projector In Your Campervan?

Why You Should Install Projector In Your Campervan?

Live in your campervan too long and you’ll start dreaming about the day when you can go home (to your real home). But there are some things that can help make living in a campervan easier, as the right projector for example.

A projector is one of those little luxuries nobody thinks about until they really need it. I’ve camped in my vehicle plenty of times before but never had to worry about projecting anything onto my walls. And to be honest, I never really thought about it much.

But after living in my campervan for a long time, I started looking into how to make things a little more comfortable and come off the ground a little bit. One thing people in vans and trailers miss is their real walls and ceilings so one thing I started thinking about was getting a projector.

There are plenty of reasons people in campervans want a projector. Here are just a few:

  • You can watch TV without having to turn on your whole van’s lights. This means you can go to bed when you need to without having to have the rest of the lights on all night. It also means that kids get their normal “lights out” time after dinner and before bed.
  • If you have kids, you’re going to want to get a projector with at least a 720p resolution. That will give them a good picture for long enough that they can fall asleep.
  • You can get mountains of free movies online of the Internet Archive. This is great for rainy days, having friends over, or just when you want to watch something but don’t feel like watching it in front of your van-mates.

Buying Guide for the Best Projector For Campervan

The right projector will make all the difference when you want to watch movies, browse Netflix, or surf the internet. Here are our picks for the best projectors for campervans!

The first step is to determine what you need from your projector. If it’s just for projecting onto a plain surface, then any one of these should do. However, if you want to watch movies at night in a dark room then you need something brighter that can cast an image against a wall or screen.

What’s more, be mindful that the brightness advertised is not the true performance output. This is because it can’t actually put out that much light.

This is due to the fact that these are designed only for normal use by using a white surface as a projection screen or wall, etc. So keep this in mind when comparing projector brightness with your needs.

For example, you should compare the brightness of different projectors with how much light the projector can put out in the dark.

The reason for this is because there are other factors that will play into how brightly you can project an image. These include how well your screen accommodates light, or whether you have any ambient light in your room to throw off whatever image you are projecting onto. So it’s very important to consider these variables when shopping for a camper van projector.


One factor you need to consider before buying a projector for a camper van is its price. It is better to be realistic about how much you are willing to pay for a projector, because if you go too cheap, then the quality will be compromised.

Chances are you are not going to be using it all that often, but when you do need it, then it’s important that the quality of the image is clear and detailed. This will make you more likely to use it, and if it’s not clear, then you won’t want to use it.

Also, make sure that what you are buying is made for the specific purposes you need the projector for. If you are buying a camper van projector so that you can watch movies in your campervan, make sure the pitch of the image is appropriate for this purpose. If you are buying a campervan projector so that you can watch movies in the caravan, this should also have an added feature of being able to project onto a screen, for those times when the caravan is used as a cinema. So make sure you choose something with all these features, and it’s not just an ordinary projector.

Buying Guide for the Best Projector For Campervan

Supports 4K Video

Today, there are many digital home theatre systems on the market such as those made by Samsung and LG. This is because they can support 4K video, which offers stunning clarity and immerses the viewer in the movie.

Some of the latest camper van projectors offer this feature too, so you can get the best of both worlds. This means you don’t have to compromise on picture quality when watching movies in your campervan. And you also get the best of both worlds when it comes to digital home theatre systems. This is because they can support 4K video, but they also have a larger screen size too.

Supports 3D Streaming

3D streaming will allow you to watch movies and video games in 3D. So you can add a little fun to your movie night with this feature, and it’s certainly a nice addition if you have younger children. It allows them to imagine they are in the movie. The reason for this is because when they use their headset, which has their headphones built-in, they can see a different image in each eye. This makes it feel like they are really in the film.


A projector is an excellent way to set the mood when you’re out camping. It’s especially great for families or friends looking to bond in nature. You can also pick up a projector that’s water-resistant in case you ever decide to light the area around your campervan.

Traveling in a campervan makes everything more convenient and enjoyable since you don’t have to worry about staying in a hotel. And if you want to make your vacation more fun, make sure that you have the right equipment inside the campervan. A projector for example, will make long drives very interesting. A good campervan projector can really make your vacation enjoyable. You should definitely choose a good one from our list of the best projectors for the campervan above.

Best of luck!

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