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In case you are running out of time to check all the projectors of the list, ViewSonic M1+ is our top pick for cookie decorating.

Are you trying your hand at baking and are struggling with your cookies’ appearance? Or is it that you want to push your limits to try spectacular designs on your cakes and pastries?

If any of these situations apply to you, you are in the right place. Read on to know about the 6 best projectors for cookie decorating. They will change your game of decorating cookies.

Is it mindboggling that you can use a projector for simplifying the cookie decorating? Are you confused about how to select the best cookie projector? We will answer all these questions and more.

Today, you’ll know about:

  • Top 6 projectors for cookie & cake decorating
  • How to do cake decoration with projectors
  • How you can buy the best projectors to decorate cookies
  • What is the best cookie projector app

Top 6 Best Projectors for Cookie & Cake Decorating Reviews 2022

This cookie projector does not fit in your pocket. However, it is still small enough to carry in a messenger bag. It measures 5.7″x1.6″x5.0″ and weighs 1.65 lbs.

For decorating your cookies and cakes, project the desired image from your phone or tablet. Connect it with a USB Type-C or type-A port. You can use an HDMI cable or a micro SD card. Bluetooth is also available.

For a wireless connection, the projector has in-built Wi-Fi. You can stream any content that does not have copyrights. The pico projector has an interface just like your smart TV.

Not only is M1+ one of the best pico projector for decorating cookies, but also, it is appropriate for home entertainment. It has 300 lumens brightness and comes with two integrated speakers. The sound quality is unbelievable for its size.

ViewSonic M1+ projector usage

The image quality is fantastic, with a WVGA resolution and contrast ratio of 120,000:1. You can enlarge the image up to 100 inches from approximately 9 feet away. However, the quality deteriorates at a bigger size.

The LED projector has a lamp life of 30,000 hours. It comes with a stand that moves in every direction and acts as a lens cover too.

Now coming to the device’s user-friendliness, let me assure you of some things. It has an auto vertical keystone correction, manual focus wheel, and 16GB internal storage. The response time is 33ms, which is a bit longer for gaming, but otherwise negligible.

If you have any children or pets at your home, its automatic off feature will be useful to you. The lens turns itself off if anything comes closer than 30cm.

The unique aspect is the running life of its battery. It can last for 6 hours without charging. There is a limited warranty of three years for the device.


  • The sound quality is on par with Bluetooth speakers.
  • Auto keystone correction
  • A long battery running life of 6 hours
  • Biodegradable and 99% recyclable material


  • The interface is not user-friendly
  • You cannot mount the projector on a standard tripod
  • The image quality decreases for larger images
  • You can use an SD card of 32GB only

2.ViewSonic M1 – Top Cake Decorating Projector

Top Cake Decorating Projector

M1 Mini projector makes an enticing deal with its small size and weight. With three different customizable cover panels, it is a cute little gadget that packs a punch.

With 120 lumens, you can project a clear image from only a foot away. The projector’s short-throw of 0.64-2.66 meters is appropriate for cookie decorating.

Weighing only 0.66lbs and measuring at 4.1 × 1.1 × 4.1 inches, it fits easily in your palm. Sitting at five feet from the screen, it produces an image as large as 120″. However, the best image quality is at 80″ from 2 meters.

The stand with it can help you mount it any way you like. Mount it on a wall or a table, and view an image of 854 × 480 resolution. It also supports full HD. As for seeing more details, the M1 has the best contrast ratio of 50M:1.

The portable cookie projector has multiple connectivity options. Use the USB type-A port, micro USB port, or an HDMI cable to link your PCs or tablets.

ViewSonic M1 color option

The battery can run for more than 2 hours after full charging. You can extend it by connecting a power bank.

Buying this projector will keep you sated for a long time. The lamp can last 30,000 hours of viewing. That means more than two decades.

This less-expensive cookie projector has an internal storage of 16GB. No need to carry anything other than the projector.

The best part about M1 Mini is its concern for the user. The vertical keystone correction of +/-40° helps to align the image. There is a manual focus wheel, as well.

Moreover, the input lag is just 5ms. Its double speakers are impressive. The multilingual menu and user-upgradeable firmware can close the deal.


  • Good sound quality
  • DLP technology
  • Portable with small size
  • Short throw


  • You can use an SD card of 32GB only
  • You cannot see the image while changing its settings
  • Text is blurry in an image

3.KODAK Luma – Affordable Pico Projector For Cookie Decorating

 Affordable Pico Projector For Cookie Decorating

Kodak is a name that has ruled over the world of photography for more than a decade. Its reliability and quality make it an ideal choice.

Kodak Luma 150 is a small projector that can fit in your jeans pocket. It is like a smartphone but with a whole new set of options. Measuring at just 3.9 x 3.9 x 0.89”, it weighs less than half a pound.

DLP is all the new rage, and rightly so. It produces a smooth video with striking contrast. The image quality is enhanced where you need to focus on details. Luma 150 is DLP single-chip projector.

In terms of brightness, this pico projector for cookies comes with 60 lumens. Although they are not much for daylight, they produce a stunning image at night. For cakes and cookies decoration, it is just the right amount of brightness.

kodak luma portable projector

You can connect your projector to your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops by its versatile compatibility. It can connect via USB or HDMI. You can insert a micro-SD card in it or connect with your Bluetooth. Project images from your phones using the wireless screen mirroring.

The image resolution, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, is 854 x 480. It supports higher resolutions, and you can enjoy an HD movie in its full form. However, lower resolutions cannot upgrade to HD.

You can enlarge your images up to 150″ with just a couple of feet away. This short-throw projector has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and comes with integrated speakers too. However, the sound quality is not the best.

You can enjoy movies on the big screen for up to 2.5 hours without plugging it in. Use its touch-pad for controls. Tinker with the image using its focus wheel.


  • Versatile connectivity
  • Firm focus wheel
  • Tripod mount in the center
  • Good image quality that is best for dark rooms
  • Portable


  • It does not come with a remote
  • The sound quality is terrible.
  • Thre is no keystone correction
  • You cannot mirror Netflix or Amazon Prime

4.PTVDISPLAY PTV-P8I – 1080p Pico for Cookie Decorating


Did you know that 245 million Americans ate ready-to-eat cookies? If that is the case, why not keep making these delicious bites of happiness?

This portable cookie projector is your dream come true. It connects with just about anything and is ready to work. Use an HDMI or Aux cable, a TF card, or a USB for projecting your desired content.

You can use it wirelessly by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Any android or iPhone can share the screen with it.

With 100 lumens, you can project anything for decorating your cakes and cookies. It is a DLP single-chip projector to provide better contrast and lighter technology. Use it with any external mouse or keyboard for easy controls.

You can carry it in your palm. It takes only 5.75 x 3.15 x 0.67 inches and weighs half a pound only.

PTVDISPLAY PTV-P8I Compatible devices

Although it has a native resolution of 854 × 480, it can support full HD too. Anything you view has definite details and sharper blacks with its contrast ratio of 2000:1. The focus wheel is there to help you adjust the image.

For decorating cakes, you can view anything from a foot or two away. However, you can enlarge an image of 16:9 up to 120 inches.

The auto keystone correction of +/- 45° helps you straighten your image. But, this feature does not work when you connect it with HDMI.

Sound quality is not the best as expected for its size. The external Bluetooth speakers will help with that. The LED lamp can last more than two decades with 30,000 hours of viewing. After a full charge, the pico cookie projector lasts 2.5 to 3 hours.

The PTVDISPLAY offers a limited warranty of one year. Its unique feature is its android system. The interface is just like your smartphone. You can download any app from Google Play Store.


  • Integrated Netflix and YouTube and a Chrome browser
  • Easy set-up
  • It connects with almost anything
  • It comes with a mini tripod


  • Terrible sound quality
  • The remote is difficult to use

5.AKASO WT50 – Best Cookie Projector

Best Cookie Projector

Akaso is a Chinese brand that has recently emerged and made its name in the market. The provision of quality projectors is one of its jobs.

This mini projector for cookies and home entertainment is a well sought out DLP technology. This single-chip projector has many compatibility options.

Similar to the above projectors, it comes with two USB ports and an HDMI connection. Moreover, it can project via AUX or a micro SD card up to 32 GB. Dual-band Wi-Fi options are available to help get rid of wires. Cast any content via AirPlay or Miracast.

With just 50 lumens, this cookie projector can provide the maximum resolution. It has a native full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080. The contrast ratio is 1000:1, which is less than some of the others on the list.

It measures approximately equal to a smartphone with dimensions of 5.71 x 3.15 x 0.79 inches. You can weigh it around 1.8lbs.

Like the PTVDISPLAY projector, it also comes with a 7.1 Android system. You can download any apps directly on the projector and view anything you want. No need to frustrate over screen mirroring the copyrighted content.

Akaso portable projector works best at 1 to 1.5 meters from the screen. You can project an image of 30 inches or as large as 120 inches. Focus it using the manual ring on the hardware.

There is a stand that moves in 360 degrees, which makes it best suited for decorating cookies.Use the touch-pad for handling the mini projector.

A 40° keystone correction is present to fit the image on the projector screen. A cover protects the lens that you can slide in front of it.

Use the LED lamp for 30,000 hours of viewing. The rechargeable battery can run for 2-3 hours at a time. For better sound quality, you can connect the device to external Bluetooth speakers.


  • Easy set-up
  • Integrated Google Play Store
  • Fast charging, and you can use it while charging
  • The design is perfect for cookie decorating


  • The controls are difficult to use
  • The sound quality is not ideal for gaming
  • It stands on a flimsy tripod

6.AODIN AirGo – Pico Projector For Cookies


How many cookies, wafers, and biscuits does a person in Sweden eat in a year? According to a survey, the number is almost 5.6 kg! So you might need the help of a projector for decorating these cakes and cookies.

AirGopico projector comes with multiple connectivity ports.You have your standard HDMI and USB slots, along with an option for an SD card.

For a wireless connection, screen mirroring is available. You can download AirPlay or EShare on your phone to share your screen. However, you cannot view Netflix or other copyrighted content this way.

AODIN AirGo size

This projector for cookies has a pocket-sized footprint. It measures only 5.51 x 2.72 x 0.63 inches with a 1.50lbs weight.

It offers a WVGA resolution of 854 x 480, best viewed in the dark. You can see its brightness at 50 to 100 lumens, which is enough to create a cinema experience in low light rooms. This DLP projector comes with a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

Like all other projectors for decorating cookies on the list, this also projects the image from 30 to 120 inches. The best image quality is at 80 inches, and it deteriorates at larger sizes. Place the device 1-3 meters away for best results.

After a full charge, you can turn on its power bank mode to charge anything. The battery runs for more than 2 hours of viewing.

You can connect your gaming console to it and turn on its built-in speaker. However, don’t expect much.
The AirGo comes with a tripod and a lamp life of 20,000 hours. Moreover, an auto keystone correction of +/- 40° helps tremendously.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Integrated apps like Kodi for audio and video playing
  • Seamless connection to Bluetooth speakers
  • It is compatible with Amazon Fire Stick


  • It has a limited capacity of 32GB for SD card and 2GB each for USB
  • Outdated user’s interface
  • Poor sound quality

How to do Cookie & Cake Decoration with Projectors?

We have looked at the best projectors for decorating cookies. Now, let’s get to the next step. How are these projectors going to help with the decoration?

It’s easy. The projectors act as carbon paper. Remember how we used to trace letters and complicated science drawings? Cookie projectors help in the same way. They guide you in outlining beautiful logos or texts on your cookies.

You will need a projector, a storage device (phone/ laptop/ tablet/ USB), a tripod stand, and an adapter if you’re not using USB.

Turn on the cookie projector and connect your device with it. Did you know that you need an HDMI HDMI cable for tablets?

You may also stream wirelessly from your phone via Airplay or Miracast. Use a USB or SD card if your device has this option.

There are various apps for drawing or editing your images available on Google Play Store. You can use them to get the desired result.

Place your pico projector above the surface you are going to work. This way, it does not interfere with your work and acts as a lamp. A tripod or stand helps with it.

Now upload your images from your device or project from internal storage, if available. Focus it by rotating the wheel on the projector. You can zoom in or out. If you need to minimize the image, you can change the distance between the projector and the work surface.

Adjust the brightness and make sure the image is the right side up. You may need to tinker with the controls to get that. Make sure that the lamp is in the center of the cookie.

Once you have adjusted it to your liking, start making the magic. You can use an edible marker or whipped cream for tracing the image.

The whole process takes a few minutes only and simplifies decorating cakes or cookies.

How to buy the best projector for cookie decorating?

Buying the right projector for you is not easy. You have so many options and don’t know where to start. Either everything entices you, or nothing is perfect for you.

If such is the case, don’t worry. Here you will learn what to look for in the best projector for your cookie decorating endeavors.

best projector for decorating cookies

Image quality

Image quality is the main factor that determines whether a projector is good or not. You can measure it in terms of resolution.

We measure resolution in pixels. The higher the resolution, the better is the quality and detailing of the image. HD is 1,366 x 768 pixels and full HD is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Recently 4k is the new talk of the town. It means 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

For decorating cakes and cookies, you are working from a short distance. Here the resolution does not matter much. You can work with only 480p resolution.

If you can buy an expensive one, you may want to go for a higher resolution.

Image contrast or details

The contrast refers to the difference between blacks and whites. The higher the number, the greater the contrast.

We measure it in ratios like 1000:1 or 2000:1. The number means that the difference is that many times. It improves the detailing and makes different objects distinguishable from one another.

Lumens of the projector

Lumens refer to the ambient brightness of the room at which the image is visible. We measure them in ANSI.

The lower number requires darker rooms for the best experience. For home theatre, we prefer at least 1000 lumens. Multimedia projectors for classroom or boardroom presentations need higher lumens of at least 2500.

For decorating cookies, we are working closely and on a small image. That means we can make do with 50 lumens. The best projector for decorating cookies is 100 lumens.


Do you want a portable projector? It is easy to set up and is lightweight. For decorating cakes, pico projectors are the best. They fit in the palm of your hand and are just like carrying a large smartphone.


What is your go-to device for images and logos? Projectors support various media options. Some have a Wi-Fi connection, and others offer screen mirroring.

You may want a USB or SD card ports. Generally, all the projectors have HDMI connectivity.

Battery life or runtime

If you don’t have a plug-in nearby, you better invest in a projector that can last long without charging. Some projectors for cookies come with as long as 6 hours of battery runtime. Some are compatible with power banks. It helps to work continuously without plugging it in.

Lamp life

After investing at least a couple hundred dollars in your projector, you would want it to last long. Lamp life of 30,000 hours means more than two decades with daily viewing of 4 hours.


Of course, the cost matters the most when you go buying anything. We recommend going the extra mile if you have the money. You get what you pay for, after all.

Use with a tripod

A tripod helps you adjust the image any way you want. It is convenient when you are decorating cookies.


What projector is suitable for cookie decoration?

For decorating cookies and cakes, a small and lightweight projector is the best. You can place it near your work surface and adjust the image easily.

Pico projectors are the most appropriate for cookie decoration. You can take them anywhere you go to bake or decorate anything. They are less expensive than their larger counterparts.

Besides portability, you need at least 480p resolution and at least 50 lumens for tracing images. Look at our list of the best projectors for cookie decoration, and you’ll find your pick.

How many lumens needed for decorating cookies?

Lumens refers to the brightness of the room in which the image is best visible. If you want a projector for movies or presentations, then you need at least 1000 lumens.

For decorating cakes and cookies, only 50 lumens are enough. Of course the higher, the better.

How do you use the best Projectors for Cookie Decorating?

For decorating cookies, you can use a projector as your guide. It will work as a stencil or carbon paper to help you trace alphabets or images on your cakes.

Use an edible marker or colorful cream to make delicate patterns on your confections that are otherwise impossible to make. You can read the details above.

Is a pico projector for cookies any good?

Pico projector is the best choice for decorating cookies and cakes, etc. It can fit in your pocket or your messenger bag.

People prefer them when they travel to replace a TV or a laptop. You can use them for decorating cookies by projecting an image on your countertop. To minimize or maximize the image, you can alter the throw distance.

A pico projector for cookies comes with a rechargeable battery. You can buy it at an affordable price.

Best Cookie Projector App

  • Osmo app
  • Tracing Projector App
  • Lucida App


Cookie decoration is an art that only the cookies understand. Today the technology has advanced so much that anything is possible. No one could have thought what these projectors could accomplish when they came into the market.

After looking at the best projectors for cookie decorating, even I want to buy one. They are all super cute to look at and make everything so much more fun. Whether you are into baking and decorating or are looking for a pico projector for camping nights, they are your best picks.

Select the one with your required resolution, brightness, contrast, and size. Know your needs before making the final selection. As for me, my favorite is the PTVDISPLAY projector.

Good luck with your selection. We hope you love yours as much as we do ours.

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